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Versace Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Versace Fashion Show SS 2018


Pure Versace – fresh attitude, easy energy and an immediate passion that runs deep. Pinstripes are refreshed and remixed, like pinstripe strong-shouldered tailoring, or shirts where different pinstripes are contrasted and clashed.

The new power of Versace prints: the utility of a tech blouson is contrasted with the romance of its “Balletto” print, while the “Angelo” print appears on a sharp quilted bomber. Versace silk shirts are made modern, with two shirts cut up and combined, or the optical print shirt cropped to just show above the waist of black silk utility shorts.

Knits are playful, like the cotton knit red twinsets with a bead and crystal crown embellishment, or diagonal cut knits that add dynamism to the layers. Biker jackets and pants are given unexpected softness in black silk, complete with quilted padding. Silk pyjamas are the perfect luxury for day.

A classic Versace logo looks totally new, embroidered in white stitches on a baby blue or pale pink T-shirt, worn with matching straight leg jeans. Parachute pants have zips at the side for a volume that’s then gathered by drawstrings, while utility blousons have lattice lacing on the sleeves.

Leather trenches are created from intricate patchworks of leather squares, the corners held as if by a bolt. They come in black or black-and-white check. Baby pink tracksuits are in cotton velour with a baroque jacquard, while stonewash denim jackets are cut and patchworked with Versace denim prints.

Metal chains stitched through tailoring create an eloquent evening take on the pinstripe. The “Cornice” print appears on a sharply tailored silk blazer. A special Women’s capsule collection shows the unity of the Versace world: pinstripes, cut- and-clashed prints, rich embroideries. V-Circle – The Manifesto Edition is a new watch with a unique pied-de-poule dial.

Meanwhile the Aion watch has a bold hexagonal dial. Backpacks come in classic prints. Sneakers are moulded on the heel with the Medusa or Greek Key, while velvet slip-ons are embroidered with crowns.

“This collection is like a homecoming. It’s about the passions that define Versace, the complexity of men, the energy of today.” Donatella Versace


SS 2018 Versace Fashion Show
Woman Model Fashion Show Versace
SS 2018 Fashion Show Versace
Spring 2018 Menswear Versace
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Versace

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Marni Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Marni Fashion Show SS 2018


Lost and found. Enjoying life as an act of self-discovery. A well to do boy falls in permanent vacation. Giving up rules, allowing randomness to shape his own bits and pieces. His encounters with strangers turn into garments, liberally. He dresses himself like he was collecting. His pride is the nobility of coincidence. Items left behind, items to be retrieved.

The boy in on a journey, hitchhiking through the city. In a state of dreamy haze, he keeps toying with disparate archetypes: the trench, the safari jacket, the clerk pants, the suit, the windbreaker. XS, M, L: his game of sizing is absent-minded. Ingenuity urges him to paint his shirts, and he enlists the artist Magdalena Suarez to do so.

Automatisms and surreality. A daydreamer, the boy falls asleep to wake up dressed anew. Did he change overnight? Did dreams turn into clothes? Everydayness and symbolism. Office wear, on holiday. A tie, for the beach and tiny sailboats on the suit. Tailored tropical wool, for the boat.

Jamaican nods and bits of the 20s. Misaligned pinstripes, askew neckties. Shrunken, unfinished knits. Maillots de bain that turn into t-shirts, running bibs for imaginary runs in canvas sneakers and striped shorts. The boy finds meaning in the unexpected, enlightenment in letting things happen. He knows that fate and chance know better.
In poignant abandon, he finds himself.


SS 2018 Marni Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marni
SS 2018 Fashion Show Marni
Spring 2018 Menswear Marni
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Marni

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Fendi Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Fendi Fashion Show SS 2018
SS 2018 Fendi Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Fendi
SS 2018 Fashion Show Fendi
Spring 2018 Menswear Fendi
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Fendi

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Emporio Armani Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Emporio Armani Fashion Show SS 2018
SS 2018 Emporio Armani Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Emporio Armani
SS 2018 Fashion Show Emporio Armani
Spring 2018 Menswear Emporio Armani
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Emporio Armani
Emporio Armani Man 2018

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N°21 Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
N°21 Fashion Show SS 2018


It’s a vacation story, about freedom, relaxation and optimism, free will too. About touches of eccentricity – as opposed to the pursuit of a clean style – as if it was the way to shift attention, to transfer symbolism and details. The N°21 Spring/Summer 2018 men’s collection expresses an authentic aspiration for levity and the sense of liberation that comes with.
«I designed a collection where freedom prevails over construction and lightness describes a wish for escape – not the type that’s synonymous with flight from present reality, for in his detachment from normal life the man I have in mind expresses the will we all have to rise above day-to-day goings-on in a world that seems to make everything very difficult, very arduous,» says Alessandro Dell’Acqua, creative director of N°21.
This form of escape can, for instance, emerge in the placed print on a white shirt depicting a surfer in action; or in a print illustrating other beach games on an otherwise plain yellow vinyl trench coat, inspired by a young Matt Dillon photographed by Bruce Weber in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. Images where the sense of lightness becomes complementary to a lifestyle that’s relaxed yet not indifferent, aware but not concerned.

Just as the vinyl detailing on jackets talks about style, the jacquard textures of knits are a nod to the responsibility of a train of thought that’s never superficial. Similarly, contrast piping offsets the classic cut of pants, so attaining a pajama-like softness, while ramage design prints add richness. Then there are coats and jackets in mixes of check fabrics that work closely with the blue suits in cool wool.
«Blue is very important in a man’s wardrobe since it mixes easily with any other color. I use it a lot because I love it: for me, it holds both the idea of freshness and the idea of freedom,» says Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Desirable characteristics that also represent the guidelines of this summer collection all about the beneficial effects of the relaxed feeling of optimism.


SS 2018 N°21 Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show N°21
SS 2018 Fashion Show N°21
Spring 2018 Menswear N°21
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends N°21

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