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Andrea Incontri © Copyright 2012

For the next summer season Andrea Incontri reinterprets the value of Italian taste that meets the world and modernity, bringing together inspiration from traditional culture and influences from far-away, exotic lands.
Sentimental, Graphic, Oriental. The collection reveals a romantically cultured and orderly attitude, where order and balance are expressed through geometric shapes printed on fabrics or woven directly into the greatly innovative textures. An image whose onset is in the color, whose primary reference is the hydrangea:
a flower that originated in the extreme lands of sun but that is also profoundly linked to the memories of the Italian Riviera in the Sixties and Seventies.
Starting from dazzling white, the palette moves towards innocent and delicate nuances – sky blue, wisteria, matte pink – in micro and macro checkers that bring back childhood memories of elementary notebooks.
A chromatic lightness that later tends towards the nighttime in the refined pairings of dark nuances of black and blue, to then surprise the monochrome with extremely sophisticated prints of floral deconstructions and reconstructions, or embroidery using vintage thread, individually created.
The collection becomes a tale of symmetry of style and function, using fabrics from classical tailoring and from the undying artisanal vision that always resurges to exalt an embedded attention and research: from woven cotton to insubstantial poplin, from printed chiffon to seersucker silk raffia, each and every surface filled with archetype meanings.
The silhouettes are studied in detail to tell the story of the dynamism of modern rhythms but also of a desire for femininity that alternates fitted bustier dresses decorated with diamond shapes with fluid and transparent evening gowns.
Volumes are often dictated by oversized garments: shirts and tunics with geometrical lines, short and wide pants, bermuda shorts inspired by boxer shorts, mini-jackets with kimono sleeves.
The shapes are straightforward yet animated by panels and folds that reconfirm the structural architecture of Andrea Incontri’s fashion code, a story he also tells in the linear blouses that take inspiration from school smocks, in the pencil skirts and mini dresses that reinvent the concept of the “little black dress”.
Finally, accessories complete the look creating strong material and visual contrast: from strappy sandals with cleated soles to pumps with double metallic buckles; from shoppers covered in seasonal prints to “college” school bags to be carried on the shoulders. Last but not least the precious bucket bag, a reminder of the small baskets geishas used to use as caskets of seduction and vanity.


Andrea Incontri Catwalk Milano Fashion Week

Andrea Incontri Catwalk

Andrea Incontri Runway Milano Fashion Week

Andrea Incontri SS 2013 Collection

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Anteprima © Copyright 2012


Whole, light, shimmering. This is the season for women to inspire.To shine, with joy, elegance, confidence.

A season with all the seasons within. Layers of the retro and contemporary and high-tech, transcending. Reflecting circles of whites, golds, silvers, powders.

A season for intelligence and transparency. Fine fabrics flowing, billowing. With happiness and comfort, one complementing the other.

Feel the texture, the geometry. The sheer grace of silhouettes and satin. The boldness of metallic mesh and all-overs.

Knitted, pleated, silken, sequins… a-lined, fluid, straight, wide… and fine sandals with platinum heels to lift you.

This is a season embroidered with womanly beauty and light. Woven with sophistication and simplicity, softness and stamina. The woman’s body echoes everything.

Feel the best this season


Anteprima SS 2013 Collection

Anteprima SS 2013

Anteprima Spring 2013 Collection Milan Fashion Week

Anteprima Spring 2013 Collection

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Ermanno Scervino © Copyright 2012



Ermanno Scervino’s boho-chic woman is attracted by a tailored luxury belonging to the World. Colours and materials come together in unusual ways, generating a harmonious encounter between Mediterranean and Atlantic.
A meld of macramé embroideries, floral designs and arabesques, netted lacy weaves in the patchwork finishes of dresses, tops and jackets delivering sensual transparencies.
Strong, warm shades – duckbill, violet, yellow, coral and fuchsia, even mingled – transmit new atmospheres in the silk tops laced at the neck, in the impalpable mohair sweaters backed with mesh, the shorts and the long low-waisted skirts and the mini-dresses made of silk, leather and suede.
White and black map out geometrical motifs in the transparent nets, the patchworks, the flounces and at the waistlines of the sleeveless mini-dresses.
Hand-made organza feathers and lasered flounces for collars and some of the garments of the collection; tassels and fringes create unique sleeveless dinner jackets, with revers made of fabric or macramé patchwork.
Jackets and parkas in technical fabrics featuring retro collars with jewel buttons, inserts or laser appliqués and fringes in contrast colour.
Single-shoulder evening dresses in contrasting shades, with transparencies allowing glimpses of brassiere and culottes.
The collection is rounded off by sandals with shaped wooden wedges and upper in two-tone leather weave or bands of shagreen stamped leather.
Sack bags in mesh knit paired with nappa leather or raffia; handbags in gold-frosted stamped ostrich; mini-bags with mesh of macramé weave or raffia with spangles.


Summer 2013 Women

Ermanno Scervino Women's Collection 2013

Ermanno Scervino Woman Suit

Summer 2013 Fashion Ermanno Scervino

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Simonetta Ravizza © Copyright 2012

A journey from Marrakech to Paris, an encounter between two symbols of great style. Talitha Getty and Betty Catroux. Two opposite and still very close styles.
This story has been translated into outfits with thousands women souls. A young and sensual woman, pretty disrespectful, that plays, blends and comes up with her own re-interpretation of style.
Morocco, with the warm colours of its land and the shades of its spices (with red and turquoise touches) but also a black and white minimalism inspired by the ‘70s Paris.
Stripes, graphic motifs and prints with a “tie and dye” effect.
Laser-cut black leather for a lace effect.
Very light Black & White minks treated and designed with the Maison know how.
Soft and drifted lines, juxtapositions, and opposites reappear in the trapezoid-shaped mini and maxi dresses .
The leather is the Maison’s must and signature, the material that follows through and underlines the whole of the collection.
The “must-have” : the “tank top”, reworked and made more precious in all its declinations, mink, treated leather and sophisticated fabrics.
The accessories play a leading role all through, where the search and study of the smallest details becomes style, with fur covering high platform sandals and animalier printed pumps.
Oversized bags with a strong personality in mohair fur. Another must among the accessories is the very refined “Hemingway” bag with its horn handle and tiger-print fur.


Simonetta Ravizza Women's Collection 2013

Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week Fashion Show

Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion-Week Simonetta Ravizza 2013 Spring Summer

Simonetta Ravizza SS 2013

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N°21 © Copyright 2012

Spring-Summer 2013
This is opulence seen through the irreverent eyes of the Tumblr generation. Images clash, intersect the liberating energy of unknown inflections.
Playing freely with opposites, Alessandro Dell’Acqua takes the art of contradiction to new heights where it explodes with perfect aplomb. Couture-level materials and stylistic features collide with the rules for a practical urban wardrobe, so defining a fresh concept of classics. Quietly offbeat.
Iridescent, pixel mode. Every item has all the pieces both totally in and out of place, ergo the organza T-shirt has fun with color blocks and the charmeuse sweatshirt presents tone-on-tone cabochon-trim sleeves.
As atelier and street engage in a mutually enticing dialogue, one skirt turns sumptuous thanks to crystal and aluminum-cap paillette embroidery and the white vinyl-back trucker jacket makes an ideal match with a skirt in lace. Following the logic of a fanciful shifting in & out of position, the language of eloquence takes on a pop tinge, while natural and artificial flirt back & forth.
End-result? Vestal virgins dance in the silicone print on the duchesse skirt, colorful python inlays create a postmodern damier pattern on very simple skirts and Ts. A sense of graphic composition forms the backdrop as every element fits into a precise design. Shapes are archetypal: mannish short-sleeve shirts, structurally simple tops and sweaters, knee-skimming pencil skirts, comfortable finely creased pants. Meantime, the ever ongoing conversation between masculine and feminine sparks a perceptible tension that’s crisp, erotic, seductive.

Materials are full, rich, supple and firm: silk duchesse and satin, brocade, lace, snakeskin, vinyl, crepe. Colors make a classic statement offset by flashes of brights: white, blue, aqua, magenta, nude and flesh tones.

Accessories include duchesse & Plexiglas slingback pumps, strappy Roman sandals in galuchat leather, boxy clutch bags with a military flair.


Runway N°21 SS 2013

Runway N°21 Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week

Spring 2013 Fashion Show N°21

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends N°21

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