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Moschino © Copyright 2012

“Short-length Features”

Hit the “play” button to flash images from Casinò, shifting attention, during intervals on the famous film, Two for the Road, to this Moschino Spring/Summer 2013, a screen shot of an elegant woman dressed in minimal proportions, geometric lines and high-impact graphic elements.

The desire to pay tribute to an iconic reference from the Moschino world like the two-tone of black and white with a nod to the ‘60s.

Historic colours reinterpreted with new symmetries, miniatures of dresses with different details, trompe l’oeil effects, visible embroidery and oversize buttons.

But summer also loves colour and this season’s need for colour will be answered with a bow to one of the most famous textile designers who lived in Italy; Ken Scott.

Skirts and pants with contrasting trim make the collection sharp and geometric, inlaid two-tone stripes and the fabrics, moving from fuller, rounder ones to fabrics that envelop the figure, all without forgetting the Sangallo patchwork, recalling the full sun of Italian summers.

Special attention has been dedicated to the accessory, an integral part of the dress but with a different, distinct personality for each look.

A “short” film woven with a “graphic” plot for a Moschino summer that breezily shows off your legs!


Moschino Woman Dress
Catwalk Moschino Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week
Summer 2013 Fashion Show Moschino
Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Women's Collection Moschino

Summer 2013 Fashion Trends Moschino
Spring 2013 Women Fashion Show
Moschino Woman 2013
Moschino Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week Fashion Show
Moschino Shoes 2013

Moschino Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week Moschino 2013 Spring Summer
Summer 2013 Women
Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Moschino
Moschino Catwalk
Runway Moschino Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week
Fashion Model Moschino Catwalk
Moschino Women's Collection 2013
Moschino Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week Fashion Show
Summer 2013 Fashion Moschino
Moschino SS 2013
Moschino Milan Fashion Week
Fashion Woman Model Moschino Catwalk
Summer 2013 Fashion Color Trends Moschino
Spring Color Fashion Trends 2013
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Spring Color Dress Fashion Woman
Moschino Spring 2013 Flowers Dress
Moschino Shoes Detail
Spring Fashion Dress
Summer Fashion Trends 2013
Summer Color Trends 2013 Woman
Moschino Fashion show
Moschino 2013
Moschino Color Dress
Moschino Yellow Dress
Moschino Flowers Dress
Moschino Catwalk Detail
Summer Fashion Trends
Moschino Spring Summer 2013 Womenswear Collection Milano Fashion Week
Moschino Woman Dress
Moschino Woman White Dress
Moschino Milan Fashion Week
Moschino Fashion Model
Summer Fashion White Dress
Moschino Fashion Trends
Moschino Catwalk
Moschino Fashion Show Finale
Moschino Runway Finale
Moschino Fashion Show 2013 Milan
Moschino Fashion Show Models
Fashion Show Models
Rossella Jardini Moschino Creative Director
Rossella Jardini Moshino Fashion Show 2013

Special thanks to Ryan Jerome Photographer

Thu, November 15 2012 » Fashion Blog

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