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Antonioli Torino Turin Concept Space Fashion Store 2010

Antonioli has opened a new multibrand space, in Turin, the new capital of contemporary art, in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II.
A space from minimal concept steeped with design and innovation, within an ancient site, in harmony with Claudio Antonioli and his research staff.
Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Rad Hourani, Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann are some of the brands in the Antonioli space. Designers that make experimentation and innovation their strong point.
And that is why the space Antonioli Turin is one of the most innovative and proactive national and international boutiques of fashion.
In the space in Turin as well as the proposals in the store, you can also order it via a touchscreen, even the clothes on sale in the boutique in Milan, with no obligation to buy, thus creating interactivity between
interior and exterior, between space and customer sales.
A proposal aimed at demanding women and men who live and travel around the world, informed and cosmopolitan, wearing garments of different brands, contaminating styles and colors, slim and over, couture cuts and concept tees.
An outfit of the present and future. Timeless garments that enhance the personality and uniqueness of “customers / guests” by Claudio Antonioli.
Also in Milan and Lugano, Antonioli is located in Turin, a conceptual stage in his career made up of research and continuous acts of love to the world of fashion and its addicts.

Antonioli Torino Turin Concept Space Fashion Store 2010

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No word…..just Lanvin…..just Lanvin + H&M !

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Giovanni Grillotti CAPSULE COLLECTION SS 2011
What amazes me about Giovanni is his incredible quest for perfection in cuts, volume and his sculptural approach to his clothes that makes them architectural.
The overlapping of fine fabrics now technical, details which characterize, contaminate and give new life to a classic that strikes us at first glance.
One reads his poetry!
Soft, sensuous, romantic … feminine, yet so modern and cosmopolitan that the thought brings me to the greatest of great couturiers like Alaia.
An emotionally interesting experience!
Giovanni is pure talent, he won the National Chamber of Italian Fashion award with the men’s collection “On Stage 2010″, but not only, because at the same time he was inserted into VOGUE Talents with the women’s collection.

The amazing eighteenth century- inspired bustier and wide-sleeved silk shirts remind us of courts from the past … all so retro, all so ultra-modern.
I think that the alchemy created by Giovanni Grillotti, is held in the clear choice of taking references from past couture cuts, drapes, revisiting them and reinventing the fit of his clothes (which become very slim) and at the same time integrating them into a visionary and fascinating future.
A woman beautifully dressed in petals and colored in
yellow-billed duck, golden rod, sandy brown, intense blue, tan.

Beautiful and whimsical as a “Sterlizia” … a strong and beautiful woman… like a Japanese warrior with her armor!

I really like the SS 2011 capsule collection by Giovanni Grillotti!
Especially because he dreamed of a woman …as a real woman!

Giovanni Grillotti CAPSULE COLLECTION SS 2011
Giovanni Grillotti CAPSULE COLLECTION SS 2011

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What ties a luxury maison to a Sicilian city?
This is what I asked myself when I attended the Hermès party…
Maybe the colors, the sights, the lights of Palermo’s markets which are similar to a suk, comparable to the colors of the famous Hermès foulard?
Perhaps the creativity, crafts, or beauty …?
Friday, at the GAM (Galleria d’Arte Moderna) in Palermo, Hermès introduced “Favolosa Palermo”, a book of photographs by a Palermitan photographer Pucci Scafidi, and published by Silvana Editoriale.
Shots of places, looks, buildings, gardens, courtyards. Surely what has remained good about Palermo. A Sicilian mood strongly rooted in tradition but deeply aimed towards the future.
Even for Hermès!
A charming tradition linked to icons such as Grace Kelly who dictate style even now, and precious materials, luxury understated and never extreme.
Hermès + Palermo?
All so charming … all so contemporary!



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The Skinny Beep Web Apps!!

Hi guys!
The Skinny Beep Blog is proud to introduce a new
mobile version of the blog.Now it’s possible to have an application experience when viewed from popular touch-based smartphones like iPhoneTM, iPod touchTM, AndroidTM, PalmTM Pre/Pixi, and BlackBerry StormTM.Enjoy with our posts!Touch the future…

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