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Fall Fashion Woman Fausto Puglisi Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Fausto Puglisi Collection


Good taste can turn to the constricting norm. Bland, suffocating. Errors and mistakes are a sign of personality, instead. Diana Vreeland docet.

Lou Lou de la Falaise, Fulco di Verdura, Sicilian baroque: the obsession for extreme ornamentation. Artisan touch as a creative imprint. Color, without modesty.

Madonnas and stray cats. Clashes, asymmetries, warped ladylike royalty. Imperial magnificence and trash, no holds barred.

From one extreme to the other, but never back: bright and black, short and long, strict and opulent. Punk: a state of mind, in a Venetian palazzo.

Rebellion and bourgeoisie. Mannish tailoring, grand gowns, endless contrasts. Beauty that stems from Fausto’s celebration of his, and his woman’s individuality.


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