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Kenzo Fashion Show FW 2017 Paris
Kenzo Fashion Show FW 2017


Kenzo Women’s & Men’s collections for Fall/Winter 2017/18

A discovery of an arctic surfing subculture led us to a wardrobe that combines wild protection with an urban sensibility. Celebrating the women and men who experience as raw an environment as it gets, and hoping for it to continue forever.

Vivid colors appear throughout – winter blue and raincoat yellows. Prints include geo tiger patterns, checks and argyles, Hawaiian meets arctic surfer floral, glacier beach and degrade aurora borealis. Knits are intricate and robust. Northern folklores appear with ribbon on dresses and skirts.

Shearlings in orange are propped up against peplum parkas. Dresses feature x-ray layering. Ready-for-survival, shrunken ski gear. Coats auto-affixed to blazers and leather argyles.

The use of our backstage as the set for this show was a conscious decision to create dialogue with ideas for us and to contribute financially to their cause. In addition, for Fall 2017 we have partnered with earth guardians to create products that will further push their message.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


FW 2017-18 Kenzo Fashion Show Man
Man Model Fashion Show Kenzo
Man FW 2017-18 Fashion Show Kenzo
Fall 2017-18 Menswear Kenzo
Man Winter 2017 Fashion Trends Kenzo

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Model Kenzo Backstage Paris
Backstage Kenzo Model
Kenzo Backstage Models
Backstage Model Kenzo
Kenzo Backstage SS 2017 Model
Make Up Backstage Kenzo
Backstage Kenzo Fashion Show Model

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Kenzo Fashion Show SS 2017 Paris
Kenzo Fashion Show SS 2017


In 1977, Kenzo Takada showed at legendary club, ‘Studio 54′. Grace Jones performed, Jerry Hall walked. For this collection we want to celebrate the euphoria of an assembly of cultures. A space filled to the brim with individuals whose style speaks volumes. Women who wear distinctiveness as an expression of freedom.

An invitation to work with the archives of renowned artist Antonio Lopez was the starting point for this collection. Antonio’s work documents an iconic time in paris, of which Kenzo was an integral part. It felt relevant and exciting to pay homage to that, and re-interpret it for the Kenzo woman today. A woman like donna jordan or pat cleveland, both strong, beautiful and unparalleled. Grid-like photo formations, collages and sketches of polaroids once loaned but never returned. These images are transposed onto varying garments, offering a new lease of life to such beautiful imagery.

Ponchos, parkas and military raincoats are reimagined as light, voluminous dresses and blouses, in technical taffetas with metal snaps or drawstrings. Shiny fabrics – nylons, sequins, lamés are juxtaposed against cotton drills, raw denims or military cottons. Broken camouflage exists alongside classic motifs. Soft pinks are played against bright reds or cherry. Pink and blue lamés wax lyrical to disco anthems. Trousers and skirts are high waisted and with volume. Shoulders are softly rounded.

Accessories are worn as jewelry. Clutches become cross body’s through adjustable straps. Glittered and chainmail bags come as shoppers, harnesses or bum bags. Chainmail bandanas accentuate the neckline. Oversized crystal and sequined earrings reflect the light. Stiletto sandals walk with coiled heels.

Carol Lim & Humberto Leon


SS 2017 Kenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Kenzo
SS 2017 Fashion Show Kenzo
Spring 2017 Womenswear Kenzo

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Spring Fashion Man Kenzo Collection 2016
Spring Fashion Man Kenzo Collection


From a very young age, we have been intrigued by the notion of a voyage, of traveling and the exploration of the deserted. When creating this collection for summer 2016, we think of the man who makes these roving forays across uncharted lands. We imagine his strong, experienced, utilitarian and purposeful silhouette.

We consider his eracticality and resourcefulness. The silhouette is boxy, easy and loose. Breathable fabrics make for more comfortable movement. “pull” tags on classic garments exaggerate their functionality and transform shapes and lengths. Fabrics resemble tent or parachute materials that have been repurposed.

Leather mesh outerwear let winds pass. Ultra light fabrics of paper-like nylons, waterproof or crinkled cottons are worn with more heavy cotton nattes, spongey Wool/nylons or bonded jersey. The color palette camouflages the wearer into his surroundings.

Beige, sunbleached yellow and stone are matched with tobaccos and anthracites. Cactus flower tones offer pops of fuchsia. Prints of lunar maps, rippled sand and exaggerated cactus appear sporadically. 3D cactus knits offer extra volume.

Multi-pocket, shape-changing parachute bags allude to the freedom of these wayfarers. Cross strap sandals and reimagined desert boots in suede or patent leather have thick soles to combat the arid and tough terrain. Sunglasses are set in planet-like frames.


Summer 2016 Fashion Show Kenzo Collection
Summer Trends 2016 Kenzo Collection
Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Collection Kenzo
2016 Spring Fashion Man Kenzo Collection
Spring 2016 Men Fashion Show Kenzo Collection

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Fall Fashion Woman Kenzo Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Kenzo Collection


For our Fall-Winter collection for Kenzo we celebrate a collective. We explore togetherness through camaraderie, ceremony and protection. Their abode is the wild, their refuge forged through their friendship with the surrounding trees and forest. Looks are defined by their warmth, draping and volumes.

Capes and blankets in graphic jacquards and shearlings wrap nocturnal floral printed dresses and trousers. Tops and skirts with cartridge pleats envelope the body and provide an extra protection when layered with knits with feathered edges.

Black, forest greens and sun yellows meld with prints of graphic dissectred rays or labyrinths. Delicate fabrics of georgette, fil coupe or chiffoned silk juxtaposed with melton wools offer polished notions of armor. Glimpses of boucle embroideries and prints in distorted camouflages elegantly sheath.

Accentuating the silhouettes are multi colored cross body leather backpacks, suede bike bucket bags, travel bags in cornflower blue and python platform chelsea boots or heels with webbing.

Humberto Leon & Carol Lim


Winter 2015 Fashion Show Kenzo Collection
Winter Trends 2015 Kenzo Collection
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Collection Kenzo
2016 Fall Fashion Woman Kenzo Collection
Fall 2015 Women Fashion Show Kenzo Collection

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