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Les Hommes Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Les Hommes Fashion Show SS 2018


An ancient armor discovered in a historic palace in the Far East is the starting point for the Les Hommes Spring Summer collection. Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch draw inspiration from Eastern cultures – surveying their history – to deliver their own modern interpretation in a collection that acknowledges the past while envisioning the future.

A series of urban styles – true to the brand’s heritage – reinterpret Asian references. Straps, laces, and overlapping belts create geometric shapes for comfortable, cool and contemporary armor. Leather is used throughout, often as a total look, to hint at the structure of period pieces. Bombers feature animal decorations and symbols borrowed from traditional oriental clothing.

Jacquard weaving, one of the strengths of Notte’s and Vandebosch’s work, depicts two leopard and bamboo designs that emphasize the fierce and free spirit of these urban warriors. Soft and fluid tank tops that veil the body replace the traditional concept of the dress shirt. Pants alternate between two opposite styles: baggy and classic cut, in an oversized version, or fitted leather leggings paired with wide knee-length shorts.
In addition to classic hues of white and black, the color palette embraces a new sand shade, while bold accessories include six different types of jewelry featuring a vintage feel and underground look – ranging from more traditional earrings to shiny pins to wear on the lips like a scar. 
Must-have sneakers with wide decorative straps punctuate the new look of Les Hommes.


SS 2018 Les Hommes Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Les Hommes
SS 2018 Fashion Show Les Hommes
Spring 2018 Menswear Les Hommes
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Les Hommes

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Les Hommes Fashion Show FW 2017 Milan
Les Hommes Fashion Show FW 2017


The new Les Hommes collection takes the world of aviation right into late 70′s Punk. For Fall Winter 2017/18, creative directors Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch outline a precise trajectory that brings two apparently distant universes together through constant references of inspirations.

Contemporary young men flaunt inverted triangle silhouettes. Large shearling collars increase the volumes on shoulders, while a skillful layering bestows vigor and thickness to outerwear, subsequently slimming down reaching rigorously skinny trousers.

Multi-material jacquard suits feature all-over prints inspired by aeronautical badges, decorated with removable straps borrowed from parachutes for a rebellious and urban touch. The spotlight is on outerwear. Shiny details and zippers stand out on shearling and military bomber jackets.

Coats often come printed with a couture overlaying that shows an almost imperceptible camouflage jacquard. Abundant metallic embroideries and studs enliven and brighten the more strict looks. Noteworthy is the comeback of knitwear with heavy extra-large wool sweaters and trousers feature long johns reinterpreted for the outerwear through a thick Milano stitch jacquard.

The color palette is precise and sharp: the total black tone of the collection only allows the incursions of red and blue shades. Accessories include fur lined aviator hats, leather long gloves to wear pulled down and aviator sunglasses. Silver studded military boots finish the look.


FW 2017 18 Les Hommes Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Les Hommes
FW 2017 18 Fashion Show Les Hommes
Fall 2017 18 Menswear Les Hommes
Winter 2017 Fashion Trends Les Hommes

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Les Hommes Fashion Show FW 2016-17 Milan
Les Hommes Fashion Show FW 2016 17


An urban gang of friends. A group of bikers that decide to embark on a long journey. The destination is the African continent, filled with suggestions, inspirations and excitement. During their travel, the bikers elevate themselves, discover tribes and traditions and make their own and contribute in their personal way. This is the journey of Les Hommes for the Fall Winter 2016-17 Collection.

Following the path traced by their bikers, Creative Directors Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, bring to the runway a crescendo of exoticisms. Starting from a monochrome urban environment, to gradually move towards an essential yet permanent tribalism, the collection features great menswear classics inspired by the world of motorcycles.

Perfecto jackets in total black, bomber jackets and performance fabric pants gradually shift away from the rigor of the city to play with voodoo-inspired graphics to reach the boundaries of op-art. It is a world in which hardware details often recur. Showers of studs on shirts, suits and bomber jackets are inspired by primitive body modifications that bestow a sophisticated yet rough touch.

Layers of wools and oversize scarves recall the richness and the layering of Central Africa costumes. All fabrics are unique and exclusive. From 3D jacquard to leather appliqués, bonding techniques and inlayed jersey, the creative duo studied every single detail with artisanal know how.

The ending is almost pop, filled with colors and multi-material 3D geometries with a hint of fine couture inspiration. White, black and grey are the basic colors of an essential palette among which cobalt blue, previously seen on models’ hair, creeps in.

Accessories are minimized. No bags in this long journey. Just studded gloves and bandanas. And solid black boots in a clean or studded version.


FW 2016 Les Hommes Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Les Hommes
FW 2016 Fashion Show Les Hommes
Fall 2016 17 Man Fashion Show Les Hommes
Winter 2016 Fashion Trends Les Hommes

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Les Hommes Man Milano Fashion Week 2015
Les Hommes Man Milano Fashion Week
Catwalk Les Hommes Fashion Show Winter 2015
Winter 2015 Fashion Show Les Hommes
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Men's Collection Les Hommes
Winter 2015 Fashion Trends Les Hommes

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Les Hommes Man Milan Fashion Week
Les Hommes Autumn/Winter 2013 collection starts with a journey, entering a black cube which both conceals and celebrates the majesty of Palazzo Serbelloni. Revival of an unforgettable moment of extreme beauty.

The memory goes to the absolute aesthetics of Luchino Visconti’s The Damned with the impeccable interpretations of Dirk Bogarde and Helmut Berger. The masterpiece celebrating the dissolution of an epoch and the shatter of its charm.

This is the starting point of a collection that, without any sign of nostalgia, stresses the perfection climax right before its collapse and tries to convey it to our time and to the radical revolutions we are currently undergoing.

The atmosphere is somber, romantic and celebratory, while dark colours and lavish silk and velvet communicate exquisite luxury. The focus is on tailoring. The jackets are a hybrid, born from illusory double-breasted blazers and field jacket-tuxedos.

When black and white graphic motifs, diamond patterns and rose tapestry give life to prints and fabrics, the reference to Deco design is tangible, as if the best of a Berlin house interior from the Thirties would become a suit.

The heart of the inspiration is an oxymoron, a blend of opposite terms: military and delicate. Uniforms become gentle, soft and fluid and invade this celebrative field as a lulling march.

The final step of an ascending staircase that encourages one to dress venturing in overlaying to celebrate the peak of male elegance.


Catwalk Les Hommes Fall Winter 2013 14 Men Collection Milan Fashion Week
Winter 2013 Fashion Show Les Hommes
Fall Winter 2013 14 Fashion Men's Collection Les Hommes
Winter 2014 Fashion Trends Les Hommes

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