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Sacai Fashion Show FW 2018 Paris
Sacai Fashion Show FW 2018


A continued exploration of the notion of hybrid – the design language at the heart of Chitose Abe’s vision for sacai since the beginning – creating pragmatic solutions for modern life by cutting and splicing familiar forms to create something new.

Constructionism. Treating the pieces that make up clothing archetypes as though they were building blocks; instinctually constructing with them, interlocking with a playful spontaneity and new simplicity. Assembling and de-assembling, dressing with an ease that comes of wearing clothes with an ‘undone’ attitude, all tied together with a skate-inspired shoelace belt.

School blazer stripes interlock with a down jacket, men’s tailoring sleeves, a quilted liner and elements of a military flight jacket. A tennis sweater, that started life as part of a school uniform, is overlaid with the ruffles and pleats of a chiffon blouse. A denim jacket goes ‘inside out’, its blanket lining re-interpreted and re-mixed as an outer layer of fun fur stripes.

An aran sweater surprises with couture-like volume at the back. Hand-knit sweater pieces are interlinked with chiffon, their patterns re-appropriated and re-contextualised to become a mirror image of one another. A denim jacket meets a men’s tuxedo; dress shirts multiply layer upon layer. Opera gloves and mismatched shoes make for a ’total look’.

A hybrid take on a record bag comes courtesy of a collaboration with Shibuya’s legendary vinyl store, Manhattan Records.

Custom jewellery by Charlotte Chesnais for sacai.


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Fall Fashion Woman Sacai Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Sacai Collection


The simplicity of traditional, authentic masculine clothing archetypes, spliced with an exaggerated couture-like silhouette by sacai’s Chitose Abe.

An unexpected distorted proportion, that challenges preconceptions with drop shoulders, drop waist details and elongated sleeves. A new modern context for classical couture techniques and shapes.

Something precious and rarefied, applied to the familiar and everyday. An M65 parka, injected with an elegant, super-oversized, slouchy volume.

The Baja stripes of a ‘Mexican parka’ pullover, re-imagined with luxe multi-coloured fur strips. A classic car coat, with exposed couture quilting stitch.

Fortuny pleating, bound together with “bondage” straps made with braided trimmings.. Herringbone tweed elasticised for the ultimate modern hourglass.

Sweaters re-structured with a tulle lining to create additional dimentionality.. A focus on the neck, shoulders, waist and hips. Military waffle knit sweaters shaped and moulded into a classical silhouette.

Tulle underpinning at the hips of sweater jackets, culottes and peplum skirts derived, spliced and reinterpreted to make for a seductive, forward-looking ideal of femininity and modern elegance.

Boots reference the ease of a American men’s moccasin loafer, with a pumped up crepe sole and leather stocking leg.


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Sacai Woman Paris Fashion Week
Sacai Woman Paris Fashion Week


For Spring 2015 Sacaiʼs Chitose Abe riffs on a theme of uniform, inverting and subverting the familiar. Working with authentic silhouettes, cutting and splicing them into unexpected juxtapositions, with technical fabric innovations that allude to a couture-like world, staying true to the handwriting thatʼs been at the heart of Sacai since the beginning.

A military jacket is ʻinsertedʼ into the soft femininity of a tulle blouse, playing with the construction to create a new structured silhouette. A utilitarian khaki skirt bursts into a fan of chiffon pleats. The stripe insignia on a sleeve is reinvented in grosgrain ribbon. Navy chiffon inserts reveal lingerie detail underpinnings. A flight jacket is reinterpreted with a uniform button detailing.

Structured guipure lace is inserted into uniform silhouettes to form new three dimensional shapes, bringing a modern elegance to the idea of surplus. A classic blackwatch check is overlaid with stitching to create a new iteration of lace. Cotton drill is laser cut and over printed for a futuristic take on broderie anglaise.

Lacing inspired by utility dressing weaves itʼs way throughout, most prominent on pumped up open front surplus boots. Ambush x Sacai jewellery combines the high shine gold against coloured enamel.


Summer Sacai Trends 2015 Woman
Summer 2015 Fashion Show Sacai
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Spring 2015 Woman Fashion Show Sacai

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