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Ter Et Bantine 2012

Casual and concise as the anti-uniform of revolt – this is Ter et Bantine’s dresscode for Fall Winter 2012-2013.
Manuela Arcari leaves day-to-day items behind to create a wardrobe packed with eccentric elements designed to have a powerful noir impact.
Military style items, geometrical expansions and a Gothic repertoire are recurrent traits that multiply and add on to generate the desired dramatic silhouettes.
The color palette featuring shadowy hues is countered by a few dazzling white items.
The dark vortex is built on every imaginable texture, namely leather, suede, row wool, bristly synthetics with wet-effect highlights, such as animal skin and satin weave.
The hi-tech style provides them with an opportunity for juxtaposition. Furs, artful embroidery on ripped fabrics and hypnotic patterns flock-printed on cloth are arranged as recuperated inserts of skilled tailoring on a flawless backdrop.
Ample coats and skirt suits find their counterparts in clear cut dresses and tops that stand out against male trousers.
The boy is concealed for a self-absorbed, Gothic feminine allure.

Ter Et Bantine Fall Winter 2012-13
Ter Et Bantine FW 2012-13
Ter Et Bantine Catwalk 2012-13

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