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Looking at the photos of CAMO’S Fall/Winter 2010 collection … I begin to hear sounds of accordians and wind instruments in my head! A Balkan mood seizes me!
Clowns, trapeze artists, acrobats, a circus tent that seems stolen from other times.. now past. All so surprisingly ironic!
CAMO like camouflage … camouflaged among people, places, and the soul.
A collection of trousers, shirts, sweaters, coats … feelings!
An outfit by the citizen of the world … contemporary and cosmopolitan.
Tokyo, Berlin, New York, a station in the province of Piedmont …
I like CAMO because wearing and reassembling and its items more as you wish, you can be different every time. One day you can be a banker, a day laborer, a staring artist or simply yourself.
Discover the circus of CAMO…It will amaze you!

Thu, October 21 2010 » Fashion Blog

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