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From the extraordinary collaboration between Lacoste and the Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng, an original work of art, has been designed to be used as a limited edition polo LACOSTE man / woman 2010.
The artist has used white and blue porcelain fragments with motif of lotus and children, dating from the Ming dynasty. The polos show some classic Chinese wishes of luck and happiness. At the center of the Polo Li has reversed the letters and the logo of Lacoste as a strategy, which according to Chinese tradition brings good luck ;)
Imagine René Lacoste playing tennis at Roland Garros with Li Xiaofeng.
A match between two players, one wearing a white pique polo and the other wearing one with ceramic Ming designs.
What does this visionary match between two people who lived in different historical periods, make you think of?
How will it end?

LI Xiaofeng LACOSTE Printed Porcelain Woman Polo

Thu, November 18 2010 » Fashion Blog

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