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Gazzarrini Fall Winter 2012-13 Men Milano Fashion Week


A travel that starts from the tradition, that retraces know streets, even if renewed.
The inspiration born here: from elements and characteristics that recall Bruges. Its colours, its romantic and gloomy atmospheres.
White of the swans, red of bricks, the geometry of constructions, architectures.
A direct reference to the old tradition, to the hand-craft taste, that makes each production exciting.
It is the tailoring effect: that characterizes Gazzarrini as ‘ Maison Industrielle ‘ , it begins from the building’s architectural, roofs, bridges and it reaches the creation of the cloth; heraldic depiction and laces woof are read in a modern view. Each part of the romantic iconography gets appearance of the style pattern.
Tradition and very warm works and felts are mixed with angora or cashmere declined in a endless shadow of greys, greens, until mud-colour creating games of depth and intensity. Structured nylons or coloured sheepskin insets tell a story that is an ensemble of cultures and traditions: unique way of interpreting the present.
Games of prices offer a tridimentional silhouette. Heraldy and aristocratic traditional nuances create shirts in delicate colours: green, grey and camel which cope with yellow and active rose high-neck mohair that can be worn with a jacket.
Flannels and gaberdine are revised in shape and perfomant volume and underline the urban technicality of trousers: a sport concept applied to the elegance where the must is represented by thin elastic cotton.
Gazzarrini wants to travel the stree of ” contemporary tailoring ” with its own connotations.
Carefully cuts, that look after the tridimensionality of the figure. The elegance that springs from the balance of lines that melt in a sinuous movement.
The formal is deconstructed and the informal becomes elegance.

Gazzarrini Fall Winter 2012-2013 Men Fashion Show

Gazzarrini Fall Winter 2012-13 Men's Collection

Gazzarrini Fall Winter 2012-13 Men's Collection Milano Fashion Week

Gazzarrini Fall Winter 2012-2013 Milano Fashion Week

Gazzarrini FW 2012-13

Gazzarrini Men's Collection Fall Winter 2012-2013 Milano Fashion Week

Gazzarrini F W 2012-2013

Catwalk Gazzarrini Fall Winter 2012-13 Men Fashion Show

Milano Fashion Week Gazzarrini Fashion Show

Backstage Gazzarrini

Backstage Gazzarrini Milano Fashion Week

Gazzarrini Backstage Milano Fashion Week

Gazzarrini Backstage

Special thanks to Simone Rizzo Photographer

Sun, January 29 2012 » Fashion Blog

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