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Trussardi Man Milano Fashion Week


From the city streets to the desert

For next summer, Trussardi sets off on a new journey, taking its man from the city streets to the desert. Endless arid scenery flooded with dazzling light: the hustling city is abandoned for a new adventure in the heart of the sandy empire where the Trussardi man puts his masculinity and strength to the test. Clean lines and a dusty color palette express authentic understated luxury.

An active and charismatic man who loves adventure

The silhouette is flowing and natural. The desert palette is inspired by the passing hours on the sand dunes: cool notes of light blue, beige, pale green, and chalk brightened with flashes of terracotta and blue to compose a rich texture. The desert is transfigured into intriguing materials with texture such as leather and rough canvas.

Leather, the signature material of Trussardi, is turned into an impalpable, opaque fabric. Used for raw-cut jackets, duster coats, K-way jackets, Bermuda shorts, shirts, slim-fit five-pocket jeans, leather is once again the absolute star of the entire men’s collection.

When leather is paired up with rough textured canvas, it creates a visually seductive and tactilely intriguing play of contrasts. Wrinkled surfaces are combined with naturalistic prints, and oversized sweaters reveal the soft side of this collection with roughly elegant allure.

Accessories in opaque materials – hobo bags, multi-pocket canvas shoulder bags, and backpacks made of buffalo, ostrich, and nappa python leather – accompany the Trussardi man through the desert dunes. This is the wardrobe of the perfect modern traveler who loves understated luxury.


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Special thanks to Floriana Di Carlo Photographer

Mon, August 12 2013 » Fashion Blog

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