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Iceberg © Copyright 2014

In the late 60’s, Parisian High Society escapes to the mountains for an acid moonlight party getaway. This is the mood of the FW 2014 Iceberg women collection. Dream of an Alpine resort merging winter sports and art spirit; a post modern town in the cloudy mountains, built in powerful bright colors and concrete materials.

Using the playful, sporty and arty DNA of the brand in a new way, the collection is also inspired by plastic toys and colorful designs of the space age, in addition to the elegant yet a bit sloppy attitude mandatory to the young Parisian generation. The big squared seal ring makes the link throughout the show, a fil rouge unifying and identifying each of them as part of this new fellowship.

It starts with the « rive gauche bourgeoise ». Kraft color masculine neoprene costumes over white sweaters with bright mink collars that remind vintage ski outfits. The rubber belt detail, between the sporty technical accessory and plastic toy. And on their feet, the girls are wearing sharp metallic shoes.

Then, transparent plastic rectangles move forward as a frenetic trip, growing into the Agam girls. Multicolor embellishments, lacquered and embroidered, arise on the pleated chiffon skirts inspired by the work of artist Yaacov Agam. Mixed with those playful panels, deep colored raw edges felts and sporty knitwear focus the silhouette into the alpine winter feeling. The satellite t-shirt is an allusion to the dream of a journey to a new world.

Making a turn into more « protective » garments, these Alpine ravers are wearing long military parkas and black leather pants. Padded, quilted, the silhouette is assuredly day wear and urban. As the music gets louder, colors turn technoid. Hyper pleated fabrics and knits are scratched by the « electro-graffiti » print. A powerful souvenir of Alexis’s adolescence.

The final destination is near. Acid trance into the molecular mineral spheres. Silver laminated jumpers and light pink knits are mixed with deconstructed chiffon drapings. Embellished with blue felt or glass tube straps, and graphic patches illustrating new kinds of molecules and fantasy landscapes that depict possible foundations of a world in another dimension.


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Iceberg © Copyright 2014

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