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Moschino Woman Milan Fashion Week BarbieMoschino Woman Milan Fashion Week Barbie



She’s done with Malibu and now she’s ready to hit the runways of Milan….
Jeremy Scott brings Barbie, the most iconic girl from California, to a new Dream House: The House of Moschino.

“Every girl on the planet has been touched by the magic of Barbie at one time or another in her life,” says Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott. “Now is the moment to celebrate this star and her take-charge, confident attitude. Remember ladies: ‘We girls can do anything— Like Barbie!!!!’ ”

Dreaming of Doll Clothes
Barbie has BIG blond hair and Itsy-Bitsy feet. We know her proportions are off-kilter, that’s why the clothes now are too. Buttons are the size of saucers on a mesh trench coat. A belt mushrooms into a strapless top. Sequins and gold metal chains are blown up bigger and brighter than ever.

Barbie Never Misses a Trend
She loves a polk-a-dot.. She worships brightly colored terry cloth trimmed in rickrack. She’ll take another helping of crystal-coated pink crepe, thank you very much.

Multi-tasking Maven
There’s no job Barbie can’t do, no place she can’t go. Going for an interview but just back from the beach? Barbie pulls on a silk cotton jersey dress with a nylon bathing suit appliqued on top. Jumping from the bath to hanging with friends? Barbie slips into a terry cloth bandeau top and pencil skirt. Anything is possible!

When Barbie Does Denim….
She wants it to be a little more glamorous than your average jean. Denim trousers come in a faded blue covered in a slick layer of clear sequins. For jazzier moments, of course, there is gold laminated denim.

Accessories are a BIG part of this girl’s life
Has she ever left the house without a pair of high-heeled mules? We don’t think so. She now also has pumps, plus a whole pink vanity set, including quilted case, comb, mirror and her cell phone case. And don’t forget the Barbie BoomBox bag. Because, remember, Barbie was once a rapper too

The Extravaganza
Our Barbie bathes, goes to the beach, works, exercises, walks her dog, rollerskates and snorkles. But at the end of the day, she just wants to party in something frilly. Whether its silver pants and a bustier or a pink silk jacquard dress with giant mirror sequins, evening comes dripping in iridescent ruffles.


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