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Sacai Fashion Show FW 2019 Paris
Sacai Fashion Show FW 2019


Men’s 2019 Autumn & Winter / Women’s 2019 Pre Autumn collection

Applying the notion of a cultural melting pot to sacai’s signature hybrid splicing, mixing references freely and with ease. Celebrating togetherness and “freedom of being” that’s symbolised by experiences in London’s legendary Bar Italia – the setting for exchanges and social cross-pollinations, with no boundaries self-imposed by a need for tribal belonging – and applying that mindset to familiar clothing archetypes.

A sharper take on menswear. Inverting the importance of “dressing to belong” sacai-style, juxtaposing references in celebration of the idea that we should have the freedom to be different, to be an individual. The familiar formality of a trench coat, subverted with leopard print; classic flannel pants hybridised with performance leggings; a single breasted suit tailored from sports performance fabric.

Playing with silhouette through construction and disrupting the layers associated with traditional outfit building. Inverting coats so that the liner becomes a pumped up outer layer; a sweater traditionally worn under a jacket instead becomes its outer shell; a college scarf integrated into a primitive jacket becomes the detail that entirely changes the silhouette. A feminine blouse is left undone, save for its scarf which serves to make a new shape and proportion. Mixing the utility of sports fabrics with the femininity of tulle and lace. Houndstooth spliced with herringbone; ladylike tweed with biker.

Sacai eyewear by NATIVE SONS adds a new dimension to a familiar form.

Custom beaded-designed Beats X wireless earphones by audio brand Beats by Dr. Dre.

Nike x Sacai LDV/Daybreak, Blazer/Dunk – two hybrid styles in a new monochrome palette.

Bar Italia x Sacai tees and hoodies.


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