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Sacai Fashion Show FW 2019 Paris
Sacai Fashion Show FW 2019


Silhouette. Abstraction. Resolution through hybridization. Chitose Abe takes familiar utilitarian clothing forms, super-scaling them to the point of abstraction, then re-scaling them to fit the body by adding elements from other forms to make a new hybrid re-mix.

A giant sized trench coat constrained through the addition of a down jacket piece that makes a new, elegant, feminine shape, with couture-like volume and sensuality.

A conventionally sized sweater used as the outer layer, re-shapes an over-sized men’s coat, with an inverted play on a more familiar approach to layering.

An over-sized men’s denim jacket is resolved and re-sized with pleating to make a new womanly hourglass shape that accentuates the waist. with the surplus fabric of the arms re-appropriated into dramatic cuffs.

Celebrating the master of the abstract, Jackson Pollock, sacai-style, with prints inspired not by his canvases but by the paint left behind on his studio floor.


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