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Alyx Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Alyx Fashion Show SS 2020




We engage with systems, scales, and soul. Our commitment to defining the contemporary evolves as a synthesis of moments.

Pliancy is a strength. Enforcing our belief in the value of the human hand, Alyx instrumentalises tradition as technology. Unifying sustainable processes and experimentation, the collection energises affinities between construction, craft, and emotion.

Our technical lexicon is a practical result of attentive, applied thought. In collaboration with Italian tailors, we have established artisanal vocabularies that unite traditional expertise and artistry with new techniques in construction. The individuality of the artwork is found through the hand of the artist.

Knit technologies reframe the relationship between high-performance and comfort, leveraging 3-D printing in a seamless, almost waste-free process. A combination of hand-applied dye and fabric treatments expand the dimension of the collection, and bonded leather establishes a robust material language.
A sculptural detail by Antonia Evans translates a distorted natural form into hardware cast in metal and resin.

Aligning hardware and utility across all categories and collaborations, this collection takes as its drive the manifold present. Evolution is a process of expansion and refinement.

We have spliced the natural characteristics of leather with new technologies. Bonding leather to Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fibre, we have developed a muscular material with a unique structural silhouette. The near waterless dyeing processes of ECCO leather DriTanTM underlines our pursuit of high ecological standards and expands the spectrum of colours to our leathers.

Developed with Italian artisans, a combination of garment dye and fabric treatments shape a multi-step procedure that results in uniquely dimensioned textures and colours.

Details and hardware use raw material sourced from AMF, an entirely sustainable factory. Their commitment to sustainable practice incorporates automated production processes, the use of safe chemicals, and the elimination of waste from natural resources.

Transparency is central in understanding the cycle of a garment. We continue to amplify our role in and obligation to progressive sustainable processes. With Majocchi, we are focused on radical reductions in water waste. With Recover, recycled nylon, AMF, and ECCO leather DriTanTM we present new textiles embedded in stringently recycled materials.


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