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Tommy Hilfiger © Copyright 2012

For the presentation of the Snow Chic collection, TheSkinnyBeep in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger has organized a special Christmas Giveaway .

Two fantastic prizes!

First Prize: 1 Hat, 1 Plaid and 1 Candle.

Second Prize: 1 Plaid and 1 Candle.

How to participate?

- Register and leave just one comment to this post.

- The Giveaway will run until 7.00 P.M (GMT +1) January 07 , the winners will be drawn at random! Good luck to you all!

English (United Kingdom)Italian - Italy

Tommy Hilfiger - Christmas Giveaway
Tommy Hilfiger Hat - Christmas Giveaway

Tommy Hilfiger Plaid - Christmas Giveaway

Tommy Hilfiger Candle - Christmas Giveaway

First Prize: 1 Hat, 1 Plaid and 1 Candle Second Prize: 1 Plaid and 1 Candle


    The winner of the First Prize, chosen by random drawing is: FrancescoS.

  1. FrancescoS says:

    Fantastic Skinny!!!!

  2. And the Second Prize, raffled at random as well, goes to: Valentina.

  3. Valentina says:

    Amazing Giveaway!!! :D

We sincerely thank everyone who participated.

Stay tuned for more surprises ;) and a Merry Christmas to all!!



  1. fra says:

    I want to win too..
    Thanks Skinny

  2. flos says:


  3. fasc says:

    I really adore the scarf <3

  4. Giudi says:

    Stylish Christmas is alla around us!! Love that giveaways!

  5. annuccia84 says:

    I love them… ;)

  6. Mavi says:

    What a nice giveaway, love the hat <3! Hope to win :)

  7. Kaziutka says:

    Lovely giveaway! :)

  8. absinthe says:

    Amazing giveaway, I hope to keep it!

  9. madmax80 says:

    Beautiful, I hope to win

  10. kimagg53 says:

    I would love to win – I love plaid! My fingers are crossed

  11. Fede_Bigio says:

    Nice video, and beautiful giveaway.
    Partecipo! ;)

  12. holden says:

    hope to win! :)

  13. Valentina says:

    Amazing Giveaway!!! :D

  14. samantha tedesco says:

    Great prizes!!!
    Enter me, please :)

  15. alicefirman alicefirman says:

    amazing!!! :)
    love your santa outfit skinny!

  16. FrancescoS says:

    Fantastic Skinny!!!!

  17. Claudia says:

    What great gift :D I want them!!!!!

  18. brasilegg says:

    The hat would keep me soooo warm :-) I want it!

  19. MarcoB says:

    questo outfit mi piace un casino

  20. charliekillsthecity says:

    I want the hat!!! :D

  21. Jack Frost says:

    Hi Skinny! You are so cool with your new Santa outfit :D
    Merry Christmas and spread love!

  22. Alex says:

    nice Giveaway! ;)

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