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Ermanno Scervino’s boho-chic woman is attracted by a tailored luxury belonging to the World. Colours and materials come together in unusual ways, generating a harmonious encounter between Mediterranean and Atlantic.
A meld of macramé embroideries, floral designs and arabesques, netted lacy weaves in the patchwork finishes of dresses, tops and jackets delivering sensual transparencies.
Strong, warm shades – duckbill, violet, yellow, coral and fuchsia, even mingled – transmit new atmospheres in the silk tops laced at the neck, in the impalpable mohair sweaters backed with mesh, the shorts and the long low-waisted skirts and the mini-dresses made of silk, leather and suede.
White and black map out geometrical motifs in the transparent nets, the patchworks, the flounces and at the waistlines of the sleeveless mini-dresses.
Hand-made organza feathers and lasered flounces for collars and some of the garments of the collection; tassels and fringes create unique sleeveless dinner jackets, with revers made of fabric or macramé patchwork.
Jackets and parkas in technical fabrics featuring retro collars with jewel buttons, inserts or laser appliqués and fringes in contrast colour.
Single-shoulder evening dresses in contrasting shades, with transparencies allowing glimpses of brassiere and culottes.
The collection is rounded off by sandals with shaped wooden wedges and upper in two-tone leather weave or bands of shagreen stamped leather.
Sack bags in mesh knit paired with nappa leather or raffia; handbags in gold-frosted stamped ostrich; mini-bags with mesh of macramé weave or raffia with spangles.


Summer 2013 Women

Ermanno Scervino Women's Collection 2013

Ermanno Scervino Woman Suit

Summer 2013 Fashion Ermanno Scervino

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Ermanno Scervino Man


A play of unusual combinations and contrasts applied to the shapes, materials and colors. Perfectly ironed tailored slim-fitting jacketsare combined with trousers made of textured fabrics with a worn-in look, characterized by special washes, or by low-waisted cargo styles in garment-dyed canvas.

Jackets in technical fabric with a crumpled organza finish are paired with tailored chinos. The reversible concept for jackets is developed using technical fabrics either in cotton/linen in shades of blue or in mat-weave cotton/ramie blend in natural shades.

The Scervino man plays with the concept of the suit, by which the shirt – in chambray or stretch Oxford – plays the role of jacket and is matched with pants in the same fabric. The biker-style jacket is made of raw linen knitted in linen stitch; the trench coats and military blazers in dyed canvas.

The crumpled and ironed contrasts re-emerge in the shirts range, showcasing prints, embroideries and embellished by buttons with aged-silver finish and mother-of-pearl snap buttons. Made in light muslin, micro-stripe stretch cotton, or in linen chambray in a mixture of plain powder-blue tones, striped or with chequered designs, enhanced by darn-style embroideries.

The new short sleeved knits come in mohair with a double-plait effect in jersey, with a light weft in shades of aqua green, powder blue and flesh, or made of cashmere in natural shades of sand. The knitwear is made of ultra light, almost impalpable yarns such as linens and silks, which mould themselves to the body; alternatively in chunkier yarns, knitted in micro moss stitch for the linen-steel, in irregular cables for the raw linen, and in fabric stitch for the cotton.

Accessories: The shoes, laced-up English style, two-tone in nappa – white/black, white/brown and white/blue – or in single-shade split leather in the brightest colors, are subjected to a special wash treatment to obtain a slight melding of the colors. Two-tone stretch straw hats, work bags and micro-boule chain bracelets round off the collection.

Colors: Blue shades steal the limelight: from sugar bag blue to the pale blue of washed-out jeans through to midnight blue, which we also find matched with military green. Another important role is played by natural shades such as white, off-white and sand, combined with softer variants, sometimes vintage such as aqua green, powder blue and flesh.


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Summer 2013 Men
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