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Giorgio Armani Fashion Show SS 2020 Milan
Giorgio Armani Fashion Show SS 2020


Recalling that summer is a liberating season, Giorgio Armani captures its spirit, proposing a new wardrobe in which everything blends together with spontaneity and elegance. Visual references to worlds, atmospheres and cultures overlap, and a new harmony emerges from what appears, on the surface, to be accidental.

The freedom to choose becomes everything: a fluid and unmistakable aesthetic holds everything together, in perfect balance, harmonizing the world of formal attire with the more sporty one, and from here, the luminous effects of materials, dynamism and lightness are gleaned.

The garment that sums up this spirit is the waistcoat, worn either together with the jacket, or instead of t-shirts and shirts.

The jackets have re-imagined proportions, both long and short, single- and double- breasted, with newly-designed lapels. The trousers are so fluid that they appear to be a size bigger; they are paired with coats that give a form-fitting effect of ‘prés du corp’. The shirts are oversized, and caress the body in liquid movements.

The range of colors, always dense, dusty and velvety, goes from coffee to grey to the classic Armani blue, and then lights up in bright but lived-in notes. The artisanal craftsmanship, the result of an unremitting search for new effects and treatments, imparts personality, character and luxury.


SS 2020 Giorgio Armani Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
SS 2020 Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
Spring 2020 Menswear Giorgio Armani
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Tokyo
Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Look 1 Tokyo



For the first time, Giorgio Armani is presenting the Cruise collections with a special runway show. Tokyo has been chosen as its theatre, underscoring an affinity with the Japanese world that is first and foremost cultural. Beyond the shared love for clean and vibrant lines, what Armani and Japan have in common is an insularity that does not mean isolation, but rather knowing one’s worth and nurturing consistency in letting it grow.

Just as respect for tradition comes together with modernity in Japan, so Giorgio Armani lives on its own stylistic island in the fashion system, evolving his own codes along with the times, not easily giving into fleeting trends. For this collection, these codes find their essence in daywear and their raison d’être in the natural dialogue between body and clothing. The burnt, neutral colours along with the palpable, washed textures hark back to typical island landscapes.

The women’s silhouettes are fluid and vertical: jackets and dusters hug the bust, flowing out from pronounced shoulders. Fabrics commonly used in clean, masculine tailoring alternate with the washed silks of long gowns and with tortoiseshell-effect coated jacquards. Overlapping straps as fastenings on short coats highlight the eternal dialogue between the masculine and the feminine. Leather is a recurring theme: as piping, edging, and in jewellery. Colours range from neutrals to brown to blue, finally igniting in vibrant red. An interplay of weaves makes a statement on the shoes and boots, while nappa leather bags or tortoiseshell clutches feature soft shapes.

Soft tailoring sculpts the body in the men’s collection. Here, the gentle formality of double-breasted suits alternates with the refined casualness of knit jackets, pea coats and dusters with relaxed fits. Leather stands out as a strong, sensual touch in fitted bomber jackets, suede double-breasted blazers, and double-breasted shawl collar pea coats, while mixed lengths create silhouettes with movement. The colour palette favours chocolate brown and neutrals with soft touches of light blue and sand and bright pops of red and cornflower blue.


Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Look 2 Tokyo
Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Look 3 Tokyo
Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Look 4 Tokyo
Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Look 5 Tokyo
Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 Collection Look 6 Tokyo

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Giorgio Armani Fashion Show FW 2019 Milan
Giorgio Armani Fashion Show FW 2019


Rhapsody in Blue

Interior, night. For the first time, Armani/Silos is hosting a runway show in the setting that encapsulates and summarises the work of Giorgio Armani. Feminine figures, slim and slender like pencil strokes, move throughout the rooms together with strong yet graceful men.

In what they wear, they are complementary expressions of the same vision, united through the colour blue: deep and vibrant, the Armani shade par excellence pervades everything, defining a timeless, velvety elegance that is perfectly balanced. The female silhouette is elongated and curvaceous, sketched with short jackets close-fitting at the bust, trousers with curved edging, pencil coats and draped blousons.

Collars disappear, and asymmetrical markings sweep over the pieces like brush strokes, adding a sense of motion to the figure, along with an interplay of inlay work. The effect of movement is also suggested on the surfaces, which are covered in photographic prints of knots and drapery, enlarged to the point of becoming abstract.

The eveningwear is lengthened, dazzling and sleek with its sparkling garments, featuring styles as simple as t-shirts or velvet jumpsuits that make a statement with their textural, agile flair. Soft tailoring dominates the men’s collection, while midnight blue velvet adds a sense of depth: the material of choice features in short, compact double- breasted blazers, parkas and coats that are comfortable and enveloping and suggest movement.

The stylistic narrative unfolds, alternating between subdued formality that anticipates the surprise return of the tie, and an equally understated athleticism, where jackets and anoraks are paired with tailored, flowing trousers. Conscious nonchalance is the distinguishing feature – the expression of a vision of masculinity that finds power in elegance.


FW 2019-20 Giorgio Armani Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
FW 2019-20 Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
Fall 2019 Menswear Giorgio Armani
Winter 2019 Fashion Trends Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Giorgio Armani Fashion Show SS 2018
SS 2018 Giorgio Armani Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
SS 2018 Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
Spring 2018 Womenswear Giorgio Armani
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani Fashion Show FW 2017 Milan
Giorgio Armani Fashion Show FW 2017


Neo Classics

Texture and silhouette are the key elements of Giorgio Armani’s research: an authorial, innovative reflection, led by the principle that rigidity and obsolete protocols should be swept away, gracefully. It’s through the use of exquisitely crafted materials and finishes that the masculine figure is here redesigned.

This season, Giorgio Armani is working on classics with eclecticism and a spirit of synthesis, evolving codes to define an idea of elegance tuned-in to the present, but rich with heritage.

The body, with its individual, unique beauty, is enhanced by clothes that outline a vigorous figure. The ample sleeve-scarves define the image by wrapping the arms and crossing over the chest. The face is illuminated by recurrent white shirts and framed by small, neat hats.

Textures are natural, warm and luxurious; voluptuous shearlings add an unexpected, vibrant note. The palette offers a combination of masculine colours and typical Armani hues, highlighted by touches of orange, dusty light blue, burgundy and green, alternated with classic blue.


FW 2017-18 Giorgio Armani Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
FW 2017-18 Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
Fall 2017-18 Menswear Giorgio Armani
Winter 2017 Fashion Trends Giorgio Armani

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Fall Fashion Man Giorgio Armani Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Man Giorgio Armani Collection



As in a Hemingway novel, intense and vibrant solo characters make up the story of a new collection that focuses on the need to outline the essence of male beauty-virile and sensual, but with an underlying softness.

To express this vision of contemporary aesthetic, Giorgio Armani breaches fashion show etiquette to revolutionise the traditional sequence based on fabric weight and functionality.

Everything is mixed up: each exit has its own character, each model is an individual player, bringing out the uniqueness of the pieces worn and the complexity of today-beauty, which derives from a racial melting pot and transcends geographical and cultural barriers.

This aesthetic vision consists of clear and bold iconographic elements, including a lightweight, short and snappy jacket, with no stiffness, for a new slimmer silhouette.

The outfit is completed with high-waisted trousers, vaguely reminiscent of the thirties, with wide hips that seamlessly merge into a tapered, slightly curved leg, creating a sexy, manly movement.

New processing techniques allow for double fabric creations, internal edging, and lasered details, creating weightless structures that feel almost imperceptible to the touch.

The finest luxurious materials such as Cashmere, Vicuña, leather and crocodile skin offer a variety of unexpected, gratifying tactile sensations.

The colour palette brings out the shades of urban grey: a milanese chromatic scale, designed for lovers of this city, in which grey layers sometimes sink into dark and mysterious black hues, or evolve into warm and bold brown tones.

Splashes of antique blue and a few hints of burgundy, or a thin bed of dark green with olive-coloured nuances, create unique surprise effects, not so obvious at first glance.


Winter 2015 Fashion Show Giorgio Armani Collection
Winter Trends 2015 Giorgio Armani Collection
Fall Winter 2015 16 Fashion Collection Giorgio Armani
2016 Fall Fashion Man Giorgio Armani Collection
Fall 2015 Men Fashion Show Giorgio Armani Collection

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Acqua for Life

Giorgio Armani is proud to renew his “Aqua for Life” challenge in 2012 to stimulate greater public awareness about environmental and developmental problems, particularly water safety and scarcity, by supporting eco-friendly projects by Green Cross International (GCI) promoting access to safe water for children, and their communities, in poor countries.

The challenge is inspired, and linked, to the exclusive fragrances Aqua di Gio for men and Aqua di Gioia for women, which are both associated with water, and closely connected with a perception of nature’s bounty, freshness and environmental harmony. Theses values are compatible with the initiatives and principles of Green Cross, the nongovernmental organization founded in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbachev that responds to the combined challenges of security, poverty and environmental degradation to ensure a sustainable and secure future for all.

In 2012, the “Acqua for Life” challenge, a solidarity campaign on a global scale and with a strong focus on the Internet, is committed to continuing and extending support to Green Cross International’s (www.gcint.org) efforts to improve access to safe drinking water via its project in Ghana, and for the first time Bolivia. GCI’s Smart Water for Green Schools Smart Water for Green Schools programme provides water to communities where access to safe water is limited.

You can help even without buying a perfume just click “Like” here

or on www.facebook.com/acquaforlife to donate 50 liters of drinking water for Ghana and Bolivia.
This is what you have to do to participate in a virtual water race that starts in Milan and arrives in Ghana and then in Bolivia. The collected liters are visible in real time on the site. www.acquaforlifechallenge.org.

On the site you can also check the progress of work in total transparency that characterizes this concrete, measurable and effective charity.
As in 2011 our minimum target is 40 million liters of water. This year we hope to be able to exceed that, thanks to the water race and your ‘like’ on Facebook.

Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life
Acqua for Life Giorgio Armani 2012

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