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Known as the Italian ‘Coco Chanel,’ Mila Schön has dressed the fashion worlds most prestige and elite – creating garments that are inspired by the works of great artists and of era’s gone by.

The ‘Spring/Summer ‘14’ collection captures the essence of 1970’s cult cinema, refining the look of the aristocracy at that time. In famous Milanese film scenes, you see a parade of upper-class women, fragile, refined and sensual, accompanied by a seductive and intense soundtrack.

In the 55th anniversary of the birth of the ‘Maison Milanese’ each and every look evokes the initial signature style of the Mila Schön aesthetic using classic and rich double-faced fabrics – a technique invented by the house under the mantra that dresses should be beautiful on both ‘the inside and out.’

A-line dresses and short trench pea coats are enhanced with crinoline hems to create static silhouettes that compliment a woman’s shape and portray an aesthetic of strength. Embroidered leather and suede – inlaid with platinum wire mesh, contrasts the femininity and beauty of light chiffon in mandarin, rose petal and ivory neon colours.

The collection revives a woman’s wardrobe, bringing exciting shapes and pieces such as shorts and silk trousers with an athletic silhouette and reintroducing a new style to the typical Mila Schön A-line shape skirt.

The VHS gem clutch is embroidered with precious Murano beads that have been inspired by the surreal cinema of the seventies. This also shows a tribute to the heritage and a symbol of the brand, within the collection.

The luxurious collection was created for an elegant woman who is strong-minded and effortlessly chic. It is for a woman who simply wears the clothes – and refuses to let the clothes wear her.


Mila Schön Woman Milano Fashion Week
Summer Mila Schön Trends 2014 Woman
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Mila Schön
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection Mila Schön
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Mila Schön

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Backstage Mila Schön Woman Milano Fashion Week
Fashion Model 2013 Makeup
Backstage Fashion Show
Women Backstage Mila Schön
Backstage Mila Schön FW 2013 14 Model

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Mila Schön© Copyright 2013

The Maison Heritage. The “focus” addressed to the real Mila Schön essence: at the origins of its shapes, structures, volumes and elements which had created an innovative Luxury-à-Porter, among the Milanese “bourgeoise”.
The Fall-Winter Collection 2013-2014, revives that “touch”, which is nowadays a summary of determined, marked and seductive elegance.
Four shapes and languages characterize the collection. The use of leather- byker style mood – to tops and bottoms, Eva Kant skintight body suit, and overcoats, some of them enriched by original Bells Sleeves and fur inserts, for both day and evening occasions.
Volume strength, precious fabrics, minimal shapes, mini and macro ruffles, total Black styles, are mixed to transparency , a part of the collection defined See Thru Peplum. Leitmotiv colors : brown, orange and black, are mixed together with “Maiolica” archival prints, enriched for the evening with strass, creating a cascading effect for a Sparkling Lights concept.


Mila Schön Woman Milan Fashion Week
Catwalk Mila Schön Fall Winter 2013 14 Women Collection Milan Fashion Week
Winter 2013 Fashion Show Mila Schön
Fall Winter 2013 14 Fashion Women's Collection Mila Schön

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Mila Schön Spring Summer 2013 Women Collection Milano Fashion Week

Light & Color

A new era of light and color. A new femininity. Modern lightness between romantic accents, sinuous lines and timeless prints, is what Bianca Gervasio, Creative Director of Mila Schön, has imagined and stylized for the upcoming spring/summer. This season’s woman is like a multifaceted prism, which radiates elegance and sensuality, freshness and determination, capturing and reflecting all of the emotions and attitudes of present time in equilibrium of sophisticated seduction.
The collection is enhanced by luminous reflections, multicolor geometric shapes, mosaics of crystals or enameled plexiglass, yet with a tailored touch that harmonizes natural nuances, pastel hues and vivid shades like cyclamen and mint. A chromatic growing rhythm that artfully vibrates in the images recalling the designs from the archive: from the “chevron scalino” pattern – luxuriously realized in silk jacquard and lurex – to the mix of the “coriandolo” print, accented with a refined explosion of bright tones and embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for eveningwear.
The fabrics shape fluid and structured silhouettes with impeccable precision. Silk and cotton organza, cotton, cady, thick cotton drill, jacquard and stretch silk gauze, are all used alternatively within the collection, from designing soft lines to even sculpting three-dimensional forms of trapezoidal volumes. Finally the crêpe de Chine is exquisitely dismantled and recomposed as crescents in the long A-line dress, inspired by one of the original designs of the Maison.
The image is completed by precious accessories that continue to evoke the refined and exuberant mix of light and color permeating the entire collection. From the pumps and fabric belts perfectly matching the new compact bag in both weaved patent leather and the “coriandolo” print, to the “chevron scalino” patterned clutch where the double M logo of Mila Schön is adorned in metal and pearled rodoide.


Summer 2013 Women

Mila Schön Woman Dress

Mila Schön Catwalk

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Mila Schön 2012

For Fall/Winter 2013, Bianca Gervasio, Creative Director of Mila Schön, has focused her vision on evoking a modern antithesis: the seemingly irreconcilable difference between two lifestyles, the ethical and the aesthetic. A major inspiration is the philosophy of Kierkegaard and the celebration of independence and freedom of choice.
The Existentialist themes seen throughout the collection also channel Simone de Beauvoir as the symbol of an elegantly balanced and feminine collection in which ethics are enriched with the aesthetics of refinement and charming beauty.
Black and white optical effects enhance the palette of natural tones, bright colors and vivid metallic finishes. Inspired by an original design from the archives is a new refined and luxuriant print, where miniature foliage alternates with macro 3D effects. This gives way to sophisticated bi-chromatic blends, while the iconic leaf returns in the shape of decorative brooches and alamari frog closures.
Graphic silhouettes, geometric motifs, sinuous profiles, precise pleats and inlaid chevrons exemplify the clean equilibrium distinctive of the House. Together with double fabrics there are embroidered wool with tiny three-dimensional spheres and creponne with little golden leaves in fil coupé. Worldly winter souls are then enveloped in stoles, capes and mid-length furs including raccoon in degradé tones or free-flowing layers of lustrous fox.
An ethereal and ultra-glamorous take from the Mila Schön archive, the Swan Dress, is recreated with a tulle and organza base embellished with embroidered leaves that have been laser-cut and then meticulously pleated, ironed and sewn by hand using golden thread in a process that requires two days to complete.
Booties and loafers have tortoise heels, a stylish indulgence that ties in leather belts and metal jewelry and stands out in evening clutches, precious treasures that embody modern vanity also interpreted in shiny metallic laminates.

Mila Schön Fall Winter 2012 2013
Mila Schön FW 2013
Mila Schön Catwalk

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Mila Schon S/S 2012 - Milano Fashion Week
Like Delicate Flowers
The new Mila Schön collection, designed by Bianca Maria Gervasio, follows the “flower path” and Japanese art of Ikebana, creating a harmonic equilibrium between lines, rhythms and colors to unveil its distinctive, essential and hyper-feminine vision. Women bloom among petals of impalpable fabric, precise cuts and graphic designs inspired by Europe and the Orient, wearing sophisticated and modernly elegant pieces pervaded by continuous sensations of delicacy and freshness. The palette is pure and full of light, from the natural nuances of white, sky blue, pale coral and tobacco, to joyous tones of mandarin, geranium, lime and sun yellow, often combined in high-impact, graphic color-blocks. Timeless designs and motifs from the house’s archives are revisited in the season’s new prints: Maiolica, inspired by the enameled Spanish tiles, on a woven canvas base, and Persepolis, a kaleidoscopic mosaic of horizontal stripes, micro-geometric forms, crosses and stylized flowers in a mixed fantasy of silk crêpe.Sangallo lace with hexagonal patterns, macramé with embroidered orchids, iridescent gold lamé, pure silk and double fabrics – often united to ethereal organza – create lines that are fluid but always artfully defined, livened up with gigot sleeves, corolla or petal cuts and profiles with frills and ruffles that emerge like sinuous waves from skirts and dresses. The iconic Mila Double Clutch places a nappa leather clutch, with metallic gold closure, inside a large multicolored envelope, elegantly matching with diamond-decorated multi strap sandals built on lacquered, conical heels. The look is complete with headbands in natural straw or precious embroideries, chamois suede belts with gold metallic details and sculptural jewels where drops of colored enamel land on a galvanized, champagne-colored base.

Catwalk Mila Schon Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Mila Schon Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Mila Schon - Spring Summer 2012 Women

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