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A flashing light carves out the outlines of an exotic landscape.
The visual contemplation of a timeless space. Stretches appear sunny and reassuring: the harmony is broken by a shady, dark component. Colourful and aggressive in the same click.

This is the spirit of the PAOLA FRANI s/s 2013 collection: exotic and punk, sophisticated and essential based on a combination of stylistic registers that appear to be incompatible.
Anatomical silhouettes mix with oversize volumes. Linear black cuts mark the powder colour of the sheath dress and compact jersey net arranges itself on the scuba-effect, bandeau skirt.

At the same time, more fluid shapes lighten and free the body: boy-fit cotton batiste shirt and wide multi-layer bitter yellow silk trousers. Couture fabrics like the relief volute jacquard of the mini-skirt and the stain embroidered, technical cotton jacket. Rigorous architectures in natural fibres.

Rays of Californian sun filter through the lace that becomes multicoloured on the silk t-shirt and green-blue laminate on the purist tunic. Visual projections of UV A rays.
Prints blend together in a lyrical-dreamlike mix: the volute-graphic print of the kaftan hypnotizes with its black-powder-gold colours and becomes graphic- animal print on the satin cotton shorts.

Vortexes of colour like the zero point of our consciousness. Optical illusions multiply with a delirium of mixed zebra prints on the silk charmeuse cardigan. A nocturnal tropical rain print in electric blue-black shades stands out on the georgette petal dress.3D psychedelia.

The orchid print shines of a light saturated in absolute white and lagoon blue; paradisiacal flowers frame the long jersey dress and fill the Hawaiian-style shirt. Flowers become crystals on multi-coloured costume jewellery. Multi-coloured glitter illuminates the PVC-patent leather court shoes and micro-belts.

The superhero blue, macro bustier belt cinches in the waist. There are eighties flashbacks and neo-Gothic recollections: rigorously uncombed and bouffant hair reveals tidy, melancholic plaits. Like a dream in which noises blur and sweet sounds turn dark.

Like a vision with out-of-focus edges in which figures and objects that apparently have nothing in common come together.
Reinventing. Mixing. Evolving. The new Californian dream.


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