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Fall Fashion Woman Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Collection


Sensuality is the new frontier of innocence

“I have romantic spirit and I find it irresistible when a woman is unaware of how seductive she is. I love a sensuality that isn’t too obvious and adore innocence when it is gently decadent. For my first collection I immediately started thinking about Brooke Shields as – both as a person and in her roles as an actress – she is the representation of my vision and ideal woman”, declares Lorenzo Serafini.

Icon: Brooke Shields from Pretty Baby to Endless Love, from her photos at Studio 54 to her portraits by Richard Avedon. This girl is a symbol from the 80s and inspired Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini’s new woman.

Inspiration: Philosophy’s aesthetic clearly develops around the idea of glamorous innocence where sensuality is the new frontier of innocence.

Sound track: The show opens with the loving words of Brooke Shields and her lover from the film Endless Love by Franco Zeffirelli and alternates with sensual dance music like I want your love by the Chic.

The forms: the silhouette is liquid and flowing.

Long, short or midi length dresses in light crepe de chine and georgette are enriched with pleats and lace inserts. Mini dresses are created in pure white or micro floral prints.

The printed cotton pants are high waisted, straight legged and often worn with blouses or little sweaters to lengthen the figure.

The blouses are very romantic, flowing and embellished with lace entredeux and closed with little pearl buttons.

For the evening, white ankle length gowns in silk crepe alternated to pants and romantic, crisp blouses. To finish, a white gown with polka dot detailing, worn under a hooded, voluminous cape.

Colors: The color palette is fresh. Every shade of white alternates with colors that are sweet, intense but never gaudy. Pastel shades of lilac, jade and sky blue are teamed with coral.  Accents of black only appear in the final looks.

The Prints: The prints are delicate and feminine. Micro multicolor four leaf-clovers for the day and antique lace with floral motif design for the evening.


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