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A meaningful and emotional fashion was presented in Florence on the 18th of June 2012.
The first to be held in the Uffizi Gallery. A tribute to elegance and to the Florentine Heritage, strongly desired by the designer Stefano Ricci.

“On behalf of my family, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Superintendence for the effective collaboration of the last few weeks, for the availability since the very first steps of this dream turning into reality” said Stefano Ricci on the eve of the premiere fashion show opening the Pitti Immage Uomo.

The presentation of the new collection was inspired by the themes of great literature, from the pages of Francis Scott Fitzgerald to the atmospheres evoked by Ernest Hemingway. In addition to Stefano Ricci‘s passions, the true sartorial elegance of the 100% Made-in-Italy production and the Great Mother Africa.

Without any doubt, the most touching moment was the presence of eight Maasai warriors who flew from Tanzania to express their gratitude to Stefano Ricci‘s family which has been involved for many years in projects to protect the Maasailand region.

For this reason, the head of the community of Olorash in the area of Monduli near Arusha (Tanzania) wanted a delegation of his people, who never flew out from their territory, to be present at the event.

This is a special tribute to Stefano Ricci, who was appointed as Chief of the Maasai community in Simanjiro in 1999. African colors and atmospheres have characterized the creations by Stefano Ricci for forty years.

The runway, under the direction of Romeo Conte, showcased the items of the new high-fashion menswear collection by Stefano Ricci: double-breasted jackets, fine cashmere-silk, soft crocodile leather jackets and vests, denim and luxurious sport-bags, silk sportswear outfits.

It is important to mention the women’s walk-out wearing black silk trousers and shirts holding a limited edition of crocodile bags with accessories in gold and diamonds, together with crocodile belts embellished by jewels, and precious cufflinks (the specifics of the walks-out are available on the photo book of the fashion show).

Noteworthy is the hand-made production and the fact that next September Stefano Ricci will inaugurate a new production centre where sewing machines will be banned.

Stefano Ricci Spring Summer Men's Collection 2013 Uffizi Gallery Runway
Stefano Ricci Spring Summer Men's Collection 2013 Uffizi Gallery Catwalk
Stefano Ricci Spring Summer Men's Collection 2013 - Uffizi Fashion Show
Stefano Ricci SS Men's Collection 2013 Uffizi Gallery - Pitti Uomo

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