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Thom Browne Fashion Show SS 2019 Paris
Thom Browne Fashion Show SS 2019


this and THAT.
the world as it is, and the WORLD AS TB SEES IT. toying with proportions.

this and THAT.
normal scale and ANOTHER SCALE. a jacket and a JACKET, a shirt and a SHIRT, chinos and CHINOS.

an anthology of true american preppy – a defining trait of the world through thom browne lenses – blown up to ridiculous proportions.

the seersuckers, gingham checks, oxford stripes, rugby stripes are magnified just as the light blues, sun yellows, kelly greens and pinks are saturated. shoes gain platforms, mini gets maxi. bowler hat and round glasses to seal it all.

this and THAT.
the ordinary and the couture: what’s screen printed turns into intarsia when exploded, stitches change into crystal embroidery, wools become mink. the blowing up is both literal and metaphorical, using sartorial finesse as a tool. altering proportions as a matter of virtuoso skill.

this and THAT.
always in comparison, so that the joke is apparent.

the process is reversible.
take off the glasses, and THAT is back to this.

this and THAT.


SS 2019 Thom Browne Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Thom Browne
SS 2019 Fashion Show Thom Browne
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Tue, July 10 2018 » Fashion Blog


Thom Browne Fashion Show FW 2018 Paris
Thom Browne Fashion Show FW 2018


Lady painters painting portraits of ladies of all shapes and of all sizes. all beautiful, in grey flannel. anatomic studies and flights of fancy. a fluttering of forms, frills and froth, in chiaroscuro.

For his second parisian outing, thom browne plays with his signature menswear fabric molding it into womanly shapes and taking them to couture extremes. he does so by sticking to a strict grey flannel agenda.

Flannel, flannel and only flannel, everywhere. draped, pintucked, pleated, embroidered with pearls or flannel threads, inlaid. flannel with trompe l’oeil shading and marble effects. Flannel that flows around the anatomy and accentuates curves where you’d least expect it, in scales of grey with a smattering of white.

Enhancing voluptuous womanliness through a dry masculine fabric ignites a series of inverted actions, as the back of garments gets to the front, or disappears revealing what’s beneath, in trompe l’oeil.

Treasures of womanliness are hidden and protected under square subway coats, as garters and bras peek-a-boo. Masculine angles, feminine curves hiding and revealing tailoring and couture archetypal dialogues find a chiaroscuro harmony in grey flannel.


FW 2018-19 Thom Browne Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Thom Browne
Woman FW 2018-19 Fashion Show Thom Browne
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