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Trussardi Fashion Show SS 2017 Milan
Trussardi Fashion Show SS 2017


With courageous experimentation and a contemporary aesthetic, the style is fueled by paradox and hybridization, the security of tradition and the absurdities of modern life.

For the Trussardi Women’s Collection Spring/Summer 2017, Gaia Trussardi uses fashion as a sort of universal dialog to unite worlds, cultures and questions on the consequences of the post-modern age.

What we know about Italian elegance and upper-class society, the core elements of the Trussardi aesthetic, is combined with the often misunderstood and dissonant elements of countercultures and the Digital Age, like a rap song mixing past and present with a frenetic beat.

References are philosophical and pop: on one hand there is Theodor W. Adorno and his post-modern theories, while on the other is the cinematic drift of Baz Luhrmann, the director of film masterpieces such as Romeo+Juliet and Moulin Rouge and the recent TV series The Get Down.

The Elegantly Pop concept boldly reinterprets, revives and revs up the finest tradition, giving it a contemporary vibe. The uptown wardrobe features Lurex leggings with graphic prints resembling trainer pants. The reassuring, tasteful minimalist colors of the late seventies clash with the glossy, dazzling hues of the eighties. Logo motifs are printed on shantung and gauze that are used instead of wool for the new “pop suit”.

Oversized jackets, made of shiny leather in vibrant colors or suede in subtle, dusty shades, are worn over pencil skirts or with high-waisted tapered jeans. Denim shines with silvery laminated elements given a craquelé effect. Logo prints dominate and contrast. The flat cable-stitching of country club knits is transformed into ghetto-style trim on oversized trousers. Python leather in Pop Art hues is used to accent more classic pieces like the frame of a videogame image.

Accessories are just as bold. Footwear features the square-toe loafer, while boot heels are decorated with a multicolored leather patchwork motif. Trussardi’s new iconic Lovy Bag dazzles with polka dots, logo prints, and colorful shiny leathers.

Even the jewelry exclusively created for Trussardi by young jewelry designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo perfectly blends with and completes the looks.


SS 2017 Trussardi Fashion Show
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SS 2017 Fashion Show Trussardi
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