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Moschino Fashion Show 2020 Los-Angeles
Moschino Fashion Show Resort 2020


BLACKNESS FADE IN EXT. SUBURBAN NEIGHBORHOOD – DUSK WIDE ANGLE. Manicured lawns frame freshly painted suburban houses in a scene American suburban bliss. We ZOOM IN… The tranquil silence is interrupted by a flickering light, a dripping faucet and a steady knock that crescendos into a frantic pounding.

A door opens, a scream – chaotic and panicked echoes as the scene unfolds into a narrative that is increasingly sinister. Witches emerge from the fog-filled dusk. A terrified screen siren is being chased. A corpse bride, mummies, skeletons, bats and spiders fill the cul-de-sac and thus begins the Moschino Resort show.

A gold spiderweb chain embroidered black crepe de chine gown, a ghostly grin on white sequin dress and a jack-o-lantern screen print on silk slip dresses with lace inserts, a black cotton suit adorned with beaded stars and crescent moons in pastel hues.

Blood red and electric blue PVC trenches layered over multicolored print suits, scarecrow patchwork jackets and trousers in classic menswear tailoring. Dark embroidered scars on neon leather biker jackets and trousers.

A mummy walks through the picture-perfect neighborhood. Welcome to Scott’s vision of the classic Hollywood Horror Film, where dreams become the most spectacular nightmare.


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Tue, June 11 2019 » Fashion Blog

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