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Fendi Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Fendi © Copyright 2020

As an exercise in FENDI-fied classicism, the FENDI Men’s Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Collection designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi re-imagines a new normal, where ‘traditional’ garments are not always what they seem. With retro-futurist undertones, the Collection dances to its own beat of polished utility: distilling the essence of FENDI craftsmanship into a surprising wardrobe for the modern gentleman.

Alternating a sartorial canon of melton wool, heavy twill and flannel with the plush hand of shearling, flocked denim and corduroy suede, the Collection evolves through the application of trompe l’oeil fabrics and transforming proportions. Considering the garment as a body wallet – and vice versa – is a key conceit, as multi-pocket insertions in reversible outerwear, knits and tailored card holders, earphones, and even a cigar.

Inside-out constructions and quilting are traced across blazers and coats cut in compact matte satin, and outerwear shapes in waterproof gabardine are bonded with felt tabs and FENDI Roma taped seams. Double entendres abound, as sleeves or jacket hems zip off in alternating fabrications and colourways, and straight trousers or shorts are spliced with a skirt.

Picking up pieces of the FENDI puzzle old and new, the FENDI Code print interprets the FF logo as a chain link animalia pattern played in multiple abstractions of monochrome and multicolor prints or intarsias. Like a secret message, this graphic motif embodies the season’s slick 70s allure.

Accessories are a tribute to the iconic FENDI yellow. Framed in black, yellow leather shopper bags and charms inspired by vintage FENDI packaging join the Baguette and Peekaboo in handknit wool and different sizes, as well as hard and soft monogram luggage styles – together with a ‘travel Peekaboo’ inspired by 1800s trunks. High and low lug-soled boots, bucket hats and docker beanies subvert formality with an industrial elegance.

Silvia Venturini Fendi collaborates with the Japanese designer Anrealage on a selection of photochromic outerwear and accessories. As the first Ready-to-Wear designer to utilize UV colour-changing fabric technology in 2013, Anrealage creative director Kunihiko Morinaga is an industry pioneer.

The four FENDI Men’s silhouettes represent the first photochromic Menswear on a European runway and include three light-sensitive transformations across sports-inspired outerwear, mittens, inside-out tailoring, bags and accessories. When exposed to UV light a white tiger quilting shines a FENDI yellow and a white diamond quilting reveals a new FENDI Code in black.


Fendi Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Fendi Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Fendi
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Fendi
Fall 2020 Menswear Fendi
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Fendi

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Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show FW 2020



Ciao is an Italian word that is understood worldwide. It is a greeting and a way to present yourself: we can say CIAO to everyone without fear of being misunderstood. Today, fashion rushes ahead at the same speed: it makes itself understood and needs no explanation, filters or intermediaries.

Not even a designer, who is eternally balancing his obsessions and desire for renewal, always knows where his ideas will take him, because they often arrive at the speed of a CIAO. Above all, like a CIAO, they won’t give any explanation yet are nevertheless understood.

The MEN’S FW20/21 collection is born out of my conviction that a focus on the product reflects the times and is a message to the future through the details that created it in the present.

If I cannot own a photo by Man Ray, but I do not settle for its reproduction on paper, then I’ll think up an embellishment of that image on a bag, making sure that, bead after bead, its craftsmanship preserves its authenticity over time.

The same operation is done on a loden coat, with pleating that creates new volume, or on a gray wool suit with a stunning “Vivaldi-style” bow on the back that attenuates its austere appearance, on tartan boucle that exaggerates a classic woman’s jacket or on a little striped cardigan with a fur stitch that exasperates the volume.

Everything was created to blend elements in a garment that carries them into the future through indications of their designer’s modern mindset and attitude.


FW 2020-21 Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
Fall 2020 Menswear Marco De Vincenzo
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Marco De Vincenzo

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Iceberg Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Iceberg Fashion Show FW 2020


The multi-logo patrol of ICEBERG breaks the rules and joins the party. The “overseers” with their reflective uniforms lose their austerity and join the ravers. The location chosen by ICEBERG’s Creative Director James Long for the Fall-Winter 2020 men’s collection show could not better represent this visionary party: “the Alcatraz”, a historic Milanese club that bears the name of the most famous prison in the world.

A dualism that becomes a fusion, like the ICEBERG collection where luxury sportswear merges unexpectedly with military and formal silhouettes. And when the guards begin to let themselves be tempted by the party, the music changes and coats with jacquard effects appear and the iconic down jacket by ICEBERG is discovered in new color block variants.

Tweety, Silvestro and Taz and other iconic characters from the Loonely Tunes world also turn unexpectedly into blue and black degradé on sweatshirts, jackets and coats. All the characters have been redesigned starting from the original drawings. White, black and forest green are the colors chosen by Long to reinterpret punk sport.

The iconic piece is the tyvek k-way, capable of merging functionality into style becoming a bag, with a zip closure at the bottom and the sleeves that become backs. James Long brings back the iconic oval in the ICEBERG logo in a neon yellow version that becomes a new brand signature. It is a reference to the brand’s glorious 90s.

The rave party really begins when the ICEBERG logo becomes trippy and the Art Collection makes its appearance. For the second chapter of this capsule within the main collection, James Long has chosen to reinterpret the works of the English artist Eddie Peake.

Inspired by Peake’s multi-layered painting technique, the ICEBERG sweaters become true pieces of art where Italian craftsmanship blends with the artist’s bright and vivid characters. The Rave shirt! Rave! Rave! it is one of the key pieces of this transformation, as well as the sweatshirt with the ICEBERG logo reinterpreted with the iconic “schotch” character of Peake.

The artist’s works are mixed by James Long in a new way, in a real four-handed work to create something new and unexpected.


FW 2020-21 Iceberg Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Iceberg
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Iceberg
Fall 2020 Menswear Iceberg
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Iceberg

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MSGM Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

MSGM © Copyright 2020

MSGM proudly presents Haunted, a collection created in close collaboration with Dario Argento, the legendary film director and Master of Horror. It’s a tale of saturated colour, killer aesthetics, desire and the glee of a dark attitude.

“I am obsessed with Dario Argento. It was an honour to spend time with the Master, talking about his movies, his aesthetics, and his attitude to life. This collection is inspired by Argento’s masterpieces, and also his whole way of being,” says Massimo Giorgetti, creative director, MSGM.

Welcome to the darkness of Haunted, where you will find the light. It’s about going deep inside to reveal the contrasts of your personality, the sides of your character that make your true self.

Tailoring is cut with devastating allure, creating sharp suits that are worn for pure pleasure, some of the tailoring with buckle details. Tailored coats have a sexy fluidity, the blood red of a duffel in tribute to Argento’s classic 1975 film Deep Red. Throughout, the colour palette celebrates Argento’s uncompromising aesthetic: cyclamen, sienna brown, emerald green, lavender, all contrasted with the ever-present black.

Shirts are printed with posters from classic Argento movies, such as Cat O’Nine Tails, Phenomena and Suspiria, alongside images of famous scenes, like the killer’s eye from Deep Red. Meanwhile, graphics of carnivorous plants set the sweet nightmare mood of the fairytale. Knitwear has drama, like the cyclamen front panel of a sweater that’s buttoned and draped onto black.

For MSGM, tailoring and casual are like the two sides of our character that come together as a whole. It’s like Dario Argento once said, “We are two. My dark side and I”. Black denim has been washed and dyed red, as if saturated in fake blood. Jacquard knit sweaters clash images of monsters, cats and horror film characters, like a fantasy world. Argento’s films are drenched in humour, and here monsters give the middle finger on sweatshirts, while a hoodie is detailed with three conjoined teddies stitched together.

During the collection, MSGM reveals six women’s Pre-Fall 2020 looks, playing with print combined with tailored silhouettes. The presence of women on the catwalk heightens the tension and fleshes out the story.

Boots are in collaboration with Cult. Leather gloves are inspired by the accessories of Argento’s killers. Leather cross-body satchel bags are as if perfect to carry one of Argento’s scripts.


MSGM Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 MSGM Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show MSGM
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show MSGM
Fall 2020 Menswear MSGM
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends MSGM

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Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Salvatore Ferragamo © Copyright 2020


Marking Salvatore Ferragamo’s return to Milan’s menswear schedule our Creative Director Paul Andrew embarks upon a playful exploration of the increasingly diverse and fluid and free nature of contemporary masculine identities.

Paul Andrew explains: “In this first Ferragamo show of the new decade I want to use the language of fashion to ask: what does masculinity look like in 2020? To find answers we began with six ‘alpha’ male archetypes – Businessman, Biker, Racing Driver, Sailor, Soldier and Surfer. Then we fabricated their attire applying traditional Ferragamo artisanship guided by a determinedly non-conformist attitude. The agenda is to retain the aesthetic of uniform while subverting the once-rigid assumptions it enforced. To do this we use luxuriously tactile and fluid materials blend together our six masculine categories.

Clothes can define you: worn with thought and freedom they can also redefine you by serving as tools for experiment, evolution and transformation. This power held by clothing is something I see is much more relished in womenswear: today I wanted to create clothes and accessories for change in a very masculine context. A man today is not obliged to assume a single, set role: he can be a multitude, and he can change his worn identity any time he wishes. That’s a freedom we want to explore in the 2020s.”

Following the Ferragamo ‘toe to head’ philosophy, this collection is based upon a foundation of footwear. These include bench made boots whose leather uppers are combined with the fabric of the garment worn above, featuring triple-stacked cuoio leather soles with square Gancini stud accessories. Large profile ‘biker’ and ‘army’ boots feature a high-flex V-lug (inspired by 1949 archival Ferragamo shoe) with a hybrid lace up/Chelsea boot upper.

The ‘Tornabuoni’ group evolves into a holdall and camera bag. Duffle bags in lightweight upholstery, hand- woven wide weave totes with matching belts and the new square Gancini stud buckle. Leather trimmed sunglasses.

This collection abounds with sensualised, elevated and rethought masculine ‘uniform’ classics from its six archetype genres: these are then mixed into outfits that defy categorisation – hero pieces for anti-heroes.

The opening look, for instance, features a peacoat (Sailor) in Scottish herringbone tweed (Businessman) with a double pleat at the front drawn from 1980’s Japanese beachwear and worn over double faced silk wool leggings (Surfer). Elsewhere a leather fire suit (Racing driver) is worn under a rib knit sweater (Sailor) and a surfer’s kangaroo pocketed vest. “Camouflage” print pieces (Military) in oxblood and olive are in fact palm prints (Surfer) which are worn against leather flight jacket (Soldier). Front-fold velcro-belt pants (Surfer), grain calfskin leathers (Biker) are also part of our mix-but-not-match multitude.

The collection abounds with these swirling cocktails of reference and expression.


Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Salvatore Ferragamo
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Salvatore Ferragamo
Fall 2020 Menswear Salvatore Ferragamo
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Salvatore Ferragamo

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Backstage Neil Barrett Fashion Show 2020 Milan
Backstage Neil Barrett Models Menswear
Models 2020 Backstage Neil Barrett
Models Backstage Neil Barrett
Men Models 2020 Backstage Neil Barrett
2020 Models Backstage Neil Barrett
Models Menswear 2020 Backstage Neil Barrett

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Neil Barrett Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Neil Barrett © Copyright 2020


The act of dressing can be a creative exercise, an artistic pursuit. Art and the artisanal: the dress of the artist as archetype inspired the Neil Barrett Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. This collection proposes tools, materials – a palette – for any man, and everyman, to create.

It is universal, for all ages and nationalities, an idea that has been constant within the Neil Barrett wardrobe. Underscoring Neil Barrett’s continuing fascination with the evolution of masculine dress, we can recognise even this creative freedom as a form of uniform, a way of dressing to express the man inside. Individual, and yet collective.

There is a tension, a conversation between the hand-made and the industrial, highlighting the beauty in both. Like different facets of art – Minimal versus Expressionist, Abstract against Figurative – different approaches to forms, fabrications and aesthetic can co-exist, in a man’s wardrobe as on a gallery wall.

Coats and jackets feature Neil Barrett’s signature hybrid details across the forearm, contrasts of function emphasising the importance of hands as creative tools; macro-scale details – rivets, stitching and fastening systems – play on proportion and perspective in visual games akin to paintings. They encourage us to look harder, to examine.

There are references to a back-catalogue of work: a retrospective. A Hybrid Biker-Coat is a direct reference to Autumn/Winter 2003; a down-padded jacket after an original example from Autumn/Winter 2000. The latter inspires an entire series of puffer archetypes – aviator jackets, sweatshirts, duffle coats – reinterpretations of garments with a new sculptural volume.

Accessories explore classics: bags are recognisable, cartridge bags, worker’s satchels, artist’s portfolios and messengers. Shoes are moccasins or desert boots, elevated through material and a new statement sole; a collaboration with Chinese athletics brand Li-Ning results in technical running shoes, an essential component of a new urban uniform.

Art here is inherently urban, tied with the industrial and modern: graffiti, the act of ‘tagging’, of making your mark and leaving a piece of yourself behind, inspires prints, embroideries and jacquards. This also connects with the gentleman traveller, the voyager and souvenir hunter – drawing inspiration from cultures visited, combining references and recollections into a unique hybrid. Hand-knit sweaters have a sense of Objet Trouve, sketched prints on wool are derived from Berber carpet patterns.

This season, Neil Barrett invited a Milan-based graffiti artist known as Red to work in residence and create new works to be integrated into the collection. Famous artworks are remixed and reimagined, alongside text-based works, including a new ‘NB’ graffiti tag jacquard. In a creative dialogue, these hand-worked art pieces become modern fabrications – elevating them to luxury, translating them from the world of art into fashion, and the language of Neil Barrett.


Neil Barrett Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Neil Barrett Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Neil Barrett
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Neil Barrett
Fall 2020 Menswear Neil Barrett
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Neil Barrett

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Marni Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Marni © Copyright 2020

A repertoire of clothing archetypes: objects treated as persistence of memory, assembled together as leftovers creating unsettling hybrids.

Stop, cut, rewind, paste. Bisected coats. Antithetical marshes. Juxtaposed jackets. Fragmented outerwear. Neat shirts and shirts. Dilated trousers. Right and left don’t match. In front and behind less than ever, not to mention above and below.

Everything is too wide, or too narrow, or still too long. Time has left its mark, evident and palpable, on everything: abrasions, cuts, discolourations, shortcomings. Uniforms with hypnotic, or single-color graphics, go under everything. Distorted sneakers and boots complete.

Flashback and fastforward, of styles and movements, united in a choral flow of gestures from the choreography of Michele Rizzo.


Marni Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Marni Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marni
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Marni
Fall 2020 Menswear Marni
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Marni

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N°21 Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

N°21 © Copyright 2020


The quest for a different way of dressing that extends from an analysis of what we now have to an urge to go beyond it with the force of hybrid forms. Elements that meet and mix to tell a new story on the subject of male physicality. Totally free of stereotypes, little compliance with common standards, a strong orientation toward discovering the unexpected. The N21 fall/winter 2020-21 men’s collection takes shape far from characterizing trends so as to find and pursue potential, unfamiliar paths.

Alessandro dell’Acqua, N21 creative director, says: «I began working on this collection with the distinct desire to avoid straying from my creative world. Not to keep it within the confines of my own comfort zone, but quite the contrary to propel it toward a territory of unusual facets and features. Stretching beyond the job of analyzing and updating the basic trends of these last years has enabled me to explore the possibility of a different type of male physicality that’s more consistent with the personality of men who give definition to a fresh elegance through hybrid forms. It’s an innovative vision capable even of narrating a new natural eroticism, one with very little in the way of voyeurism and not at all flirty/seductive of attitude.»

The creative path. Hybridizing forms, rethinking the destinations of fabrics, breaking away from pre-established processes. That’s the fundamental concept behind sweaters with no back, shirts complete with tie in the collar, the shift of faille from women’s couture to more technical clothing, the deviation of mixes away from the usual rules, men’s classic jackets over T-shirts in lace.

The collection. Classic camel color trench coats with tone-on-tone logo print, as well as black faille trench coats with white contrast topstitching, lead the way to: light blue or stripe poplin shirts with bow knot tie-collar; parkas and bombers in animal print nylon; melton peacoats with back in quilted faille; classic black melton jackets with raw-edge borders on top of oversize lace T-shirts in nude or army green tones, in the easiest of combos with classic gray Tasmania pants. Knits are oversize, maybe backless or extra thick, in colorful stripe or animal spot patterns. Shirts have laser openwork detailing, while sport-tech bombers and combat pants are made from couture faille and white poplin boxers well support the classic structure of a black wool jacket. Looks are clean, as items with one eye on what’s classic take turns with short wrap sweatshirts and army style sweaters that succeed in bypassing the streetwear philosophy.

The accessories. Simple, basic, minimal. Black leather boots with two long elastic bands accompany all the looks. Cloche caps in faille add a sweet poetic note to the figure. Thick metal chain bracelets give a decorative feel to an aspect elsewhere thought to be coarse.

The mood. While not wanting to characterize a style, the collection explores new ways of dressing which, taking shape in absolute freedom and with no preconceptions as to gender or sexual orientation, assume a natural erotic quality.


N°21 Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 N°21 Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show N°21
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show N°21
Fall 2020 Menswear N°21
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends N°21

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Dsquared2 Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan
Dsquared2 Fashion Show FW 2020
FW 2020-21 Dsquared2 Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Dsquared2
FW 2020-21 Fashion Show Dsquared2
Fall 2020 Menswear Dsquared2
Winter 2020 Fashion Trends Dsquared2

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