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Catwalk Anteprima Fall Winter 2013 14 Women Collection Milan Fashion Week



Woman and nature, so alike: tender, deep, mysterious, provoking, full of beauty and joy, power and discovery, simplicity, history, sophistication.

This is the season to feel the universe. The universe of color: talco, navy, khaki, olive. All the greens of a meadow or forest. And golds on a beach. Rich autumnal reds, saturated. Then cool purple and blue winter skies.

The universe of texture: morning satin, evening sheen, cashmere, mohair, snake leather. Gentle wools, woven looser, closer. All over beads shining, or fringes swishing. Our iconic wire shimmering.

The universe of pattern: lines as slender as grass. Then shapes as bold as trees, A’s and T’s, boxy, cropped, mid and maxi, wrapped, then flowing.

The body is a woman’s universe. Explore the warm contrasts of dress and all the accents. Fine shoes, boots to the ankle, maybe fringed, strapped. Bi-color gloves, long, chic and intimate. Elegant bags as soft structures in the hand.

Feel nature this season. Feel natural.


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Special thanks to Floriana Di Carlo Photographer

Fri, April 5 2013 » Fashion Blog

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