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Andrea Incontri © Copyright 2013

The sea and the keeper of the lighthouse, strong yet silent, peering out and controlling the illuminated horizon. Hidden by an architecture of colors and matter, where infinite waves leave their traces whilst bleaching out surfaces.

He observes life stories: those of sailors and commanders, crew workers and garments that are meticulously tailored and hand-made in Italy. Strong oceanic shades of color ranging from deep indigo, sky blue and navy. As well as, sand optic white combined whit carmine red, fluorescent orange and black.

Potente and documentative prints. Geometric archetypes slowly detatching from the lighthouse walls; images of waves transforming into one collective collage, techno-industrial effects in blue and white tones, with random pops of color.

Single and double-breasted jackets, parkas and shirts singed with drawstrings of raw cord. Bombers, bermudas, and super lightweight windproof tank tops. Effortless polo shirts without buttons along with panels asymmetrically mounted on precision fit bermuda-boxer shorts.

Micro-quilted denim and washed piquet stretch cottons. Two-tone striped seersucker paired with thin, pinstriped horizontal and vertical patterns. Crinkled nylons and jacquard fabrics inspired by classical neckties in which create a sophisticated yet dynamic lightweight effect. Knitwear of dense, ribbed cotton are reminiscent to that of a scuba divers suit.

The materials and colors return to the female form like sirens that have been retained on the shore of reality. Dressed similar to that of her male counterpart, the lighthouse keeper in denim graced with jeweled brooches, illustrations of impalpable anemones that gradually transform into an all over print or as delicately placed three dimensional petals, glistening on the fabric.

From the accessories emerge the Shark backpack. An unprecedented volume ranging form medium sized to maxi, in which the calfskin leather in this seasons colors are characterized by the double stitches of the tetrahedron and evoke the shape of the sharks fin. Coordinated with slip-on loafers and lace up sailing shoes with robust, contrasting white zig zag soles.


Andrea Incontri Man Milano Fashion Week
Spring Andrea Incontri Fashion Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Andrea Incontri
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Andrea Incontri
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Andrea Incontri

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Andrea Pompilio © Copyright 2013


Andrea Pompilio Man Milano Fashion Week
Spring Andrea Pompilio Fashion Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Andrea Pompilio
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Andrea Pompilio

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Backstage Fashion Show
Men Backstage Corneliani
Backstage Corneliani Man 2014
Backstage Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 Mens Collection Milano Fashion Week
Backstage Hair Style

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Corneliani © Copyright 2013


From Mantua to Shanghai via Sumatra. For Spring/Summer 2014, the Corneliani man stretches his horizons to the edges of the Far East, the fashion system’s new centre of gravity, an increasingly cosmopolitan destination by a blend of customs and new cultures.

Sergio Corneliani, the Mantua-based company’s Creative Director, has traced the legendary routes of Marco Polo to explore a sophisticated concept of contemporary elegance. “It’s impossible to think about fashion without pushing our boundaries.

We must consider the needs of the global market, which is characterised by the existence of different styles and cultures and constantly evolving taste.

Today’s man is a ‘travelling man’ who wants an invaluable, high quality wardrobe on his travels that reflects traditional tailoring but also with special, personalised details.

Taking these cornerstones as my starting point, I designed a collection steeped in cultural meanings, memories and influences, attempting to mix the sobriety that is typical of our company with more exotic touches.

“I took my inspiration from Mantua, my home town and a centre for Renaissance art, to reinterpret Andrea Mantegna’s work for the Bridal Chamber in the Castle of St. George, borrowing his decorative theme of interlinked circles as the leitmotiv for the wardrobe and sometimes laser-printing them onto leather.

The distinguishing detail is the Nehru collar with visible sartorial stitching.”
It is precisely this jacket that reflects the mood of the collection, a melting pot of western aesthetics and oriental style in glossy, brilliant fine pure silk and silk/linen-mix fabrics.

The more opaque fabrics too are enlivened by bright colours, such as a touch of aquamarine paired with black and white in the shantung suit, or splashes of faded cherry red on loose-weave cotton knits, as well as timeless blue, in a range of shades up to indigo, found in the suits, trench coats and pea coats.

The brighter shades of yellow, gold and ochre are inspired by China and make the silk jackets sumptuous, while softer, sophisticated colours are used on the strips of knitted leather.

Mantegna’s influence can also be seen in the little circles on the honey-coloured punched leather jackets with Nehru collar and in the zip-up pea jacket in ultra-light nylon. The lines of the jacket are tapered with small lapels that create a slender, longer silhouette, emphasised by closer-fitting trousers.

A fine touch of subtle intellectual exoticism in the informal brown silk and linen suit with “relaxed jacket” is interwoven with a style whose roots lie in meticulous tailoring traditions and irreplaceable hand-crafted techniques.

Quality, exclusivity and comfort are distinguishing features of Italian fashion and a tradition for Corneliani, which has been taking its brand of elegance around the world for over 50 years.

Corneliani Man Milano Fashion Week
Summer Dress Trends 2014 Man
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Corneliani
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Corneliani

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Andrea Pompilio © Copyright 2013

At its third season, the Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio represents the perfect union between the sportswear heritage of the Japanese brand and the Italian creativity of Andrea Pompilio.

For the SS2014 the designer took inspiration from the musicians, artists and break-dancers that enliven the streets of the most underground neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

The prints, Andrea Pompilio’s signature feature, blend together with Onitsuka Tiger’s Collection in a kaleidoscope of computerized, sprayed and tattooed graphics that recall the artworks of urban writers.

The tiger, icon of the Japanese brand, keeps being reinterpreted as if it was free to express all its strength, and applied to outerwear, sweatshirts, trousers, shorts and t-shirts.

For the first time, a capsule collection for women is added to the traditional men’s line, maintaining its strong street style personality.

The colors recall the freshness of California, with clear references to Downtown L.A.’s graffitis.

The accessories line of backpacks, caps and visors has a touch of the original Los Angeles ’80s Hip Hop style revisited with a contemporary vision.


Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio Man Pitti Immagine Uomo Florence
Performace Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio Spring Summer 2014 Collection Pitti Immagine Uomo Florence
Summer 2013 Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio
Spring Summer 2014 Collection Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio
Spring 2014 Onitsuka Tiger X Andrea Pompilio

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Kolor Man Pitti Uomo
Catwalk Kolor Spring Summer 2014 Men Collection Pitti Uomo
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Kolor
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Men's Collection Kolor
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Kolor

Tue, July 9 2013 » Fashion Blog


Backstage Damir Doma Woman Pitti W
Backstage Fashion Model Damir Doma
Backstage Fashion Show Damir Doma
Fashion Models 2014 Damir Doma
Backstage Damir Doma Fashion Model

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Damir Doma Woman Pitti W


A reverent guard of stone effigies hold vigil over the blooming lavender and citrus trees of the Corsini gardens. By day, their solemn silhouettes stand tall against the harsh tuscan sun; as dusk falls, the weathered sentinels cast long shadows across the verdant labyrinth.

The grandeur of architecture softens and fades into the evening, as obscurity arrives withe the night. Handmaidens appear diaphanous, in garments suffused with the hues and lines of landscape. Structures are betrayed by chiaroscuro, as cloth and skin mingle in seductive chemistry.

In a palette od concrete, sandstone, onyx and indigo, abstract geometries of the cubist painting school inspire a patchwork of airy textiles placed across the body. Dresses as paintings.

An angular rhetoric defines the collection’s graphic edge, with the 3D notion of perspective causing horizons to appear and disappear in smooth planes.

Shantung silk and watery jacquard evoke the rough textures of the palazzo exterior against and abundance of poplin cotton, chosen for a polished asceticism.

Keyhole cutouts and transparency highlight the shoulder in striped knitwear and bonded jersey bustiers, opposing the rigid proportions of box tunics and smock dresses cut in striated silk gazar, starched poplin and a sheer, spotty jacquard.

By way of ruched inserts, the crisp lightness of panelled blouses and shifts is tempered at the waist in a manipulation of volume – its effects heightened against the flat form of a kimono sleeve.

Opening the show, the symmetry of a strict column is disrupted in a slash of amethyst jacquard, and elsewhere a blazer wraps across the hips in bicolor silk, laced across the shoulders in thick whipcord.

This threaded technique is echoed in raffia at the gathered waist of full cotton skirts, which feature pooling patch pockets adding further shape.

A passage of bright white highlights the crucial silhouettes under a clinical glare, mirrored in a finale of inky black. Square-heeled sandals wrap across the toe in a collage of striped python and nylon weave.


Catwalk Damir Doma Spring Summer 2014 Women Resort Collection Pitti W
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Damir Doma
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Resort Collection Damir Doma
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Damir Doma

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Aquazzura Cruise Collection 2014 Pitti W


As special guest of Pitti Italics/Uomo, the footwear label Aquazzura has presented its new Cruise Collection 2014 at the iconic Palazzo Corsini in Florence.

Under the motto “Let’s Dance” the Aquazzura presentation was inspired by Dance and Movement. The exclusive performance in Aquazzura high heels by worldwide known ballet dancers of La Scala Milano was one of the highlights of the evening.

The evening was full of surprises including Glamorous models in Aquazzura heels in spinning bikes, Models with Amazon Sandals on the heads, Tip Tapo dances or even male models wearing tuxedos and bright pink stilettos.

Edgardo Osorio Aquazzura creative director and founder hosted the event followed by an intimate dinner. Among the International guests the “It girl” Olivia Palermo, The Duchess of Feria Naty Abascal, Sara Brajovic, Countess Livia Branca, Susy Menkes, Alejandra de Rojas, Schot Schuman, Ferrugio Ferragamo, Rachael Cavalli were some of the distinguished guests of this cocktail party in the fabulous Palazzo Corsini.


2014 Aquazzura Cruise Collection Pitti W
Aquazzura Collection 2014 Pitti W Florence
Pitti W Aquazzura Cruise Collection Shoes Detail
Aquazzura Collection Pitti W

Special thanks to Floriana Di Carlo Photographer

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