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Mila Schön © Copyright 2013


Known as the Italian ‘Coco Chanel,’ Mila Schön has dressed the fashion worlds most prestige and elite – creating garments that are inspired by the works of great artists and of era’s gone by.

The ‘Spring/Summer ‘14’ collection captures the essence of 1970’s cult cinema, refining the look of the aristocracy at that time. In famous Milanese film scenes, you see a parade of upper-class women, fragile, refined and sensual, accompanied by a seductive and intense soundtrack.

In the 55th anniversary of the birth of the ‘Maison Milanese’ each and every look evokes the initial signature style of the Mila Schön aesthetic using classic and rich double-faced fabrics – a technique invented by the house under the mantra that dresses should be beautiful on both ‘the inside and out.’

A-line dresses and short trench pea coats are enhanced with crinoline hems to create static silhouettes that compliment a woman’s shape and portray an aesthetic of strength. Embroidered leather and suede – inlaid with platinum wire mesh, contrasts the femininity and beauty of light chiffon in mandarin, rose petal and ivory neon colours.

The collection revives a woman’s wardrobe, bringing exciting shapes and pieces such as shorts and silk trousers with an athletic silhouette and reintroducing a new style to the typical Mila Schön A-line shape skirt.

The VHS gem clutch is embroidered with precious Murano beads that have been inspired by the surreal cinema of the seventies. This also shows a tribute to the heritage and a symbol of the brand, within the collection.

The luxurious collection was created for an elegant woman who is strong-minded and effortlessly chic. It is for a woman who simply wears the clothes – and refuses to let the clothes wear her.


Mila Schön Woman Milano Fashion Week
Summer Mila Schön Trends 2014 Woman
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Mila Schön
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection Mila Schön
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Mila Schön

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Backstage N°21 Make Up
Backstage N°21 Hair Style Model
Backstage N°21 2013 Hair Style
Backstage N°21 Spring Summer 2014 Womens Hair Style
Fashion Model 2014 Make Up

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N°21 © Copyright 2013

Spring-Summer 2014

Exotic languor creates the mood for journeys which while possibly just imaginary leave indelible traces.

As a classic designer with a quiet iconoclastic verve, Alessandro Dell’Acqua needs only to read subtle shifts, sudden and decisive accords to scatter the cards and capture a high-class seditious flair.

This season he works around the idea of vacation. It’s a keen all-encompassing urge, liberating sensation of freedom, ideal state of the soul where an acute and compelling desire for some faroff dimension takes shape and ultimately identifies a cool sleek style.

The starting point is a bourgeois wardrobe, an unwavering concentrate of pure precision and effective elegance with crisp, constant, erotic tension between masculine and feminine setting the tone.

The clothes are archetypal: assertive coats and jackets, short-sleeve bowling shirts, clean cropped blouses tops & knits, minis and knee-skimming pencil skirts, smart little dresses and perfectly creased pants.

All is in place, as is nothing at all, for precious embroideries mimic smudges on tennis shirts, notch patterns embellish solid examples of tailoring with hibiscus flower outlines, skirts dematerialize and morph into lingerie concepts or in alternative present lavish stitching.

Outfits with a soft sophisticated pajama feel reflect the carefree ease of home living, mannish boxer shorts add a fresh touch to nearly every ensemble.

Gorgeous prints and jacquard designs, wonderful expressions of stylized exoticism imbue the new wardrobe ever in motion with a timeless allure even as the flashes of intuition typical of a vacation spirit upset the established order of things from one moment to the next.

Fabrics and such (duchesse satin, heavy cotton, doubleface leather, laser-cut lace, Oxford cloth, poplin) feature full rich textures while colors (dark blue, black, jungle green, python brown, white, blush/powder/nude tones) are moist and mellow.

Lastly, ornamental elements mark the season’s accessories – slipper style flats, chunky high-heel sandals, tulle stockings – with a discreet opulence.

This faroff dimension becomes the magnificent backdrop for a mode of dress decorously free of rules.


N°21 Woman Milano Fashion Week
Summer 2014 Fashion Show N°21
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection N°21
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show N°21

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Jo No Fui Woman Milano Fashion Week


To distil essentiality in order to sublimate it with lunar hypnotism and opulence.

Alessia Giacobino’s intention is decisive; her architect background is to be found in the details that transform simple, formal dresses into precious and exclusive objects of desire. A luxury to exhibit.

The silhouette, sculptural and definitive, brings back the space age of the 60’s. Couture proportions and cuts are mixed with the strong art déco references of french artist erté and with unexpected hip hop contaminations.

Triple silk organza a-line tops and shifts are underlined by orbital circles and contrasting cuts, by pvc and lizard inlays and appliqué.

Pants are slim to enhance the shape of chic jackets and coats that parade sophisticated exotic prints; an absolute illusion vertigo.

The portholes opened in dresses and tunics zippers transform, adorn, inter- rupt and create the unexpected to provoke a visual accident that pushes the parameters of elegance forward.

Leather invents shirts, cargo pants and boxer shorts inspired by ny bad girls.

The eternal innovative spirit of the brand is expressed through the construc- tion, the proportions and cuts establishing the embellishment. But also in the inspiration sources that quote iconic elements of hip hop gear – like the show- ing elastic band of the boxer shorts, the dropped armholes of the vests and the camo print – to be worn with architecturally-sculped pieces.

The fabrics: triple silk organza, crépon, cotton and silk faille, lurex cloth, lizard, leather.
The colors: inspired by planets, pluto green, mars red, moonlight white, meteo- rite brown.
The embellishment: cabochon, lurex, lizard applique, satellite rhinestones.

A strong and focused collection, a synthesis of essentiality and femininity; a dual game to highlight the sartorial lines of pieces enriched with an echo of geometry, orientalism or street-wear elements.

A celestial dualism that assumes the tones of contemporary luxury.


Summer Jo No Fui Trends 2014 Woman
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Jo No Fui
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection Jo No Fui
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Jo No Fui
Summer 2014 Fashion Trends Jo No Fui

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Krizia Woman Milano Fashion Week
Summer Krizia Trends 2014 Woman
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Krizia
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection Krizia
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Krizia

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Summer Marco De Vincenzo Trends 2014 Woman
Summer 2014 Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection Marco De Vincenzo
Spring 2014 Woman Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
Marco De Vincenzo Woman 2014

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MSGM © Copyright 2013

Hollywood 1934 “Don the Beachcomber” opens up. Tiki mania becomes all the rage. Tiki: bizarre mix of primitivism and beach culture. 
Hawaii vs Los Angeles, Honolulu vs Miami, Lifestyle vs Jet Set. Deco and Liberty contaminations. Hibiscus prints and paisley create a kaleidoscopic explosion of patterns.
The irreverent brand’s mission: to break the rules… to take over the cultural evolution of tiki style. Evolution and revolution.
“Allez Allez Allez…” Camille sings. “Allons MSGM Girls!” with all the pride of a feminist rebellion. “Prend la force dans la taille et dans les tallons”.
Furniture fabrics, woven mats with a clear futuristic flavour: shiny striped raffia and intertwined multicolour checked techno raffia. Lightweight neoprene with a punched flower design.
Three dimensional embroidery brings coloured plastic jungles to life Tiki/jungle prints on crêpe de chine and chiffon set an exotic mood. Hibiscus filigree prints, Tiki chandelier print. Multicolour strands for both the print and the embroidery
Split silhouettes on faille printed pareo skirts. Metropolitan contamination: crop tops and chevronne raffia mini skirts. Deal breaker: white men’s shirts slip into the looks Bows, folds and ruffles in parachute poplin are the new shapers.
Chocolate brown is the colour of the season. Deep brown and pink. Turquoise and orange. Sandy beige and mint green. And then there’s white.


MSGM Woman Milano Fashion Week
Summer MSGM Trends 2014 Woman
Summer 2014 Fashion Show MSGM
Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Women's Collection MSGM
Spring 2014 Menswear Fashion Show MSGM

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