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This is a life-changing opportunity for all budding shoe designers, artists and illustrators – the winner will have their design recognized by a prestigious panel of judges including Anna Dello Russo, Georgina Goodman, Sarah from Colette, i-D Editor-in-Chief Terry Jones, Rubina one of the Guardiani daughters and Andrew Keith the president of Lane Crawford. The winner will also receive a cash prize of £5000…AND see their shoe become part of the Alberto Guardiani autumn/winter 12 collection and sold at Corso Como and Colette.
As the competition gains pace the designs have started striding in, but the competition closes on the 11th November, so if you haven’t already, help us get the word out to designers worldwide!
All the submission details can be found here www.i-donline.com/cinderthriller

Sat, October 29 2011 » Fashion Blog




The Versace for H&M film will be launched on November 10, 2011
Stay tuned !!!

Thu, October 27 2011 » Fashion Blog


Versace’s collection for H&M is full of the pieces that have made the house of Versace legendary. Dominated by colour, print and cut, the brand’s creative director Donatella Versace has gone back to the archives to bring some Versace classics to a whole new audience. Iconic dresses are the focus of the women’s collection, while menswear is centered on sharp tailoring. Also for the first time an H&M designer collaboration will include homeware pieces, reflecting Versace’s influential home designs. All collections will be available in around 300 stores worldwide, as well as on-line, from 17th November.
Versace’s collection for H&M includes many of the iconic designs. For women, a classic black silk crepe dress has gold Grecian buttons on its patent straps, while the flow of a floor-length goddess gown is balanced by boning in the bodice. For night-time shine, multi-colour sequin dresses are covered in archival Versace prints, short metallic dresses come in either silver or gold, and strong colour shift dresses are embellished with studs in classic Greek motifs.
For H&M, Versace has revisited some of its most famous prints, which for women are used on pieces such as dresses, short pleat skirts, velvet bomber jackets, leggings and jeans. Meanwhile the importance of leather for Versace is reflected in leather jackets that come decorated with gold studs and zips. Accessories include a high-heeled laced boot and a studded suede high-heeled sandal, along with studded leather bags as well as velvet bags covered with the Miami palm print.
Versace’s men’s collection for H&M is a mix of slick tailoring and pieces of extravagant pattern. Suit jackets and trousers come in either black or pink, while a black tuxedo jacket has metallic tip trims on its pockets, and shirts have metallic wing-tips on the collars. Versace’s palm and optical prints are used on T-shirts, as well as on thin-knit cashmere sweaters, while print is also used on velvet bombers, jeans, and even underpants.
There’s leather in the men’s collection too, with a quilted leather jacket trimmed with gold studs in the Versace classical Greek pattern, which is repeated down the sides of black cotton shorts and a rolled-sleeve T-shirt. Accessories include embellished beanies and patterned caps, embellished or print scarfs, as well as hi-top sneakers and the perfect dress shoes.
Versace’s home pieces for H&M take full advantage of the house’s iconography, with pillows and a bedspread resplendent in the multicolour floral Japanese fan print, bringing the complete Versace lifestyle to H&M.

Versace for H&M Woman collection
Versace for H&M
Versace for H&M collection

Fri, October 21 2011 » Fashion Blog



Until October 24 the palace of the store in Piazza Duomo is as imaginative 3D projections.
Rhythmic play of light, graphics that make up and then dissolve and give way to images of typical Indian design and architecture. Fascinating figures literally takeshape on the front of the Rinascente in Piazza Duomo.
The occasion is the launch of the new floor dedicated to the man.
The new floor will host designer brands together with a selection of contemporary brands and premium denim, but also a smart casual area and a prestigious shoes department.
Vittorio Radice, Rinascente CEO, chose the architects of Mumbai Studio, founded in 1995 by Bijoy Jain and awarded at the Biennale di Architettura in 2010 with a special mention for the outstanding creativity of their installation artwork.
The Indian studio’s philosophy is based on organic sustainability, with the use of local materials, non-industrial building techniques which respect local characteristics and most of all the involvement of all those who are concerned – including the workers – in the creative process, enhancing free circulation of ideas and a meaningful exchange of knowledge.
The first floor project aims to develop a personal and not anonymous approach to shopping, thanks to an elegant but also welcoming lay out, which creates a certain ambience made up both of sophisticated vintage furniture and warm, snug materials which are appreciated for the beauty of their details.

La Rinascente 3D Projections
La Rinascente 3D Projections Piazza Duomo Milano
La Rinascente 3D Projections Piazza Duomo Milano

Thu, October 20 2011 » Fashion Blog


Versace Vintage Limited Printed Silk Shirts Detail Versace
Vintage Versace printed silk shirts are hotter than ever. The colorful and bold Versace staple is being discovered and sought out by a new generation of pops stars and style hipsters. The trend was also evoked in many runway collections these past few seasons. In celebration of this renewed appreciation, Versace has re-issued a limited number of classic printed silk shirts. No one can do Versace better than Versace.

Versace Shirt
Versace Vintage Limited Printed Shirts Details
Versace Vintage Limited Shirt

Mon, October 17 2011 » Fashion Blog


The first creator of high quality products worldwide, present in 195 countries, LVMH is the savoir-faire ambassador of high tradition throughout the world. In every single country, 83.000 collaborators refresh the soul of over 60 prestigious maisons, in fashion, leather, perfume, cosmetology, wine, alcohol, watch-making and jewelry sectors.
For two days, during the Journées Particulières, LVMH will open to the general public 25 of its most symbolic sites: in Paris and several other regions in Italy, Spain, U.K. and Poland.
In Paris Christian Dior’s Haute Couture Halls , Louis Vuitton’s Asnier Ateliers, Givenchy’s Haute Couture Halls.
In Spain, Madrid, the historical Boutique of Gran Via of Loewe, in Italy, Villa Pucci di Granaiolo in Tuscany, the Palazzo Fendi in Rome, the Manufacture de Souliers Louis Vuitton, Fiesso D’Artico in Veneto.
The LVMH group appealing to famous international architects, retrains many buildings, giving them back a terrific asset value, achieving remarkable contemporary projects which will be a part of the architectural Heritage in the years to come.
Within this architectural frame the most talented artisans are working.
The main aim of the Journées Particulières is to detect the genuine nature of fine high quality. Supported by an ancient and precious handicraft heritage, the LVMH cherishes and reinvents the tradition of excellence, which alllows its Maisons to establish themselves all over the world.
The path made by Maisons leads us to discover cultural heritage. Handicraft demonstrations, conferences and expos put in first place jobs regarding wine and alcohol, fashion and leather, perfume and cosmetology, watch-making and jewelry.
Within ateliers, wineries, family dwellings and historical boutiques, LVMH will share the casket that contains such beauty with the general public.
Entry to the Journées Pariculières is free and open to everyone, at the Maisons which participate in this operation.
For more info click on the website: www.lesjourneesparticulieres.com

Louis Vuitton The Shoe Factory in Fiesso d’Artico – Les Journées Particulières

Les Journées Particulières Louis Vuitton - La Manufacture de Souliers de Fisso d' Artico
La Manufacture de Souliers de Fiesso d' Artico - Les Journées Particulières
Louis Vuitton - La Manufacture de Souliers de Fiesso d' Artico

Fri, October 14 2011 » Fashion Blog


In an open call, i-D is accepting submissions of shoe designs from now until the 11th November. The ten most innovative shoe designs will be presented to a prestigious panel of industry superstars including Anna Dello Russo, Georgina Goodman, Sarah from Colette, i-D’s Editor in Chief -Terry Jones, Rubina – one of the Guardiani daughters and Andrew Keith, president of Hong Kong’s premium department store, Lane Crawford. The judges will invite 3 finalists to present their creations during an event at 10 Corso Como during Milan Fashion week, February 2012. The winner will receive a cash prize of £5,000 and see their shoe become part of the Alberto Guardiani autumn/winter 12 collection and sold within the brand’s stores as well as key retail partners, Corso Como and Colette.
Stay tuned on www.albertoguardiani.com and www.i-donline.com

Wed, October 12 2011 » Fashion Blog


Ter Et Bantine S/S 2012 - Milano Fashion Week
The Ter et Bantine summer collection is a dialogue between opposites, and the conversation hinges upon the evocative male and female forms.
Once again, a no-frills style enhances the fundamental fashion themes, proportion, silhouette, volume: centimetre by centimetre, the garments advance over the body and cover it with concise, yet never minimal, meanings.
The assertive personality of formal masculine lines stoops to compromises with a contemporary need for fluidity: suits with tailored fronts are deconstructed in the back, thanks to the contrasting use of stiff and soft fabrics, while the verticality of trousers is defined by wide turnups in sculpted cotton.
The female imaginary is suggested by the semi-couture shapes of the 1950s, dresses become subtle yet effective shells crafted with the utmost simplicity, thanks to thick cottons in unordinary blends, like paper, that create organdie texture.
Cuts, sometimes technical and sometimes purely decorative, are interpreted in multiples for a look evoking fractal biologies: sculpted in impeccable cottons, while viscose or liquid silks collapse along the diagonal channels they form.
The basic colour palette is limited: white-greige and a selection of blues and greys as deep as stormy skies dotted with black clouds. Some reversible pieces offer contrasts in two-tone face-offs.
Stylised designs with a tribal flair, schematic garlands interpreted as molecular models are specifically placed on the body. A rainbow of pastel colours, like a long-lost object unexpectedly rediscovered, embellishes the dramatic setting of an eccentric detail.

Catwalk Ter Et Bantine Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Ter Et Bantine Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Ter Et Bantine - Spring Summer 2012 Women

Wed, October 12 2011 » Fashion Blog


Anteprima S/S 2012 - Milano Fashion Week

The spirit of ANTEPRIMA: Simple, sophisticated yet sensual, infused with vibrant colors, textures and fresh elements for a graceful sportif mood that encompass vitality and glamour.
The lightness and delicacy of knitwear masterfully expresses the impact of trompe l’oeil and vibrancy of color-blocking.
Influence from sportswear: stripes, chevron, dual-tone fabric, leather and neoprene. The exclusive “liberty” lace, deco prints and metallic flowers epitomize the spirit of the collection.
Original bi-color belts in shades of soft pastel. Multi-colored pumps and playful Wirebags to mingle with the buoyant vibes.
Timeless black, cream and blue as a contrast to a delightful parade of anise, lime and powder.

Catwalk Anteprima Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Anteprima Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Anteprima - Spring Summer 2012 Women

Tue, October 11 2011 » Fashion Blog


Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2012 - Milano Fashion Week
Intimate snapshots of an endless summer. The chromatic explosion of the “silk scarf dress” on suntanned skin. A layered crossing of patterns: from the maison’s iconic felines to tropical vegetation and exotic flowers.
A sophisticated combination of rainbow spanning warm hues – deep magenta and cardinal red to joyful pink and sun-kissed orange – and an exploration of cool colors – cobalt blue and teal turquoise interspersed with lightning bolts of dark violet or the calming, neutral tones of khaki, lemon yellow and gold.
Stemming from an unique blend of contemporary allure and the culture of tradition, the collection exudes a sense of exclusiveness for the journey the Salvatore Ferragamo woman will embrace in spring/summer 2012.

Catwalk Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2012 Women Fashion Show
Salvatore Ferragamo - Spring Summer 2012 Women

Fri, October 7 2011 » Fashion Blog

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