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Bag Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2020 Detail
Louis Vuitton Bag SS 2020
SS 2020 Louis Vuitton Bag
Bag Louis Vuitton
SS 2020 Bag Louis Vuitton
Spring 2020 Bag Louis Vuitton
Summer 2020 Bag Louis Vuitton

Wed, October 9 2019 » Fashion Blog


Louis Vuitton Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Returning to the origins gives rise to a high society that expresses itself through a new Belle Époque, as if in tribute to that vivacious time when Paris was pure enchantment. Circling back to the pleasures of sartorial protocol. A certain dandyism blends styles and genres based on depth of culture. Harking back to the fundamentals of romanticism and transposing Art Nouveau onto clothing.

Inventing a community that celebrates the enthusiasm of singularity. And finally, adopting as a signature the evocative cattleya orchid, worn on the lapel like the chimerical symbol of ultimate refinement. Louis Vuitton picks up the thread of its own history and brings together two nascent centuries, the dream-like dawn of the 20th century and the 21st century that yearns to remember it.

The artist Sophie appears onscreen in an extended version of “It’s Okay to Cry”, specially made for Louis Vuitton, with the participation of Woodkid.

The wood used for this show was sourced entirely from sustainably managed forests in France (100% PEFC certified maritime pine wood from the Landes region). After the show, all the wood used for the décor will be donated for reuse as part of a partnership with ArtStock, whose mission is to recycle and upcycle elements from artistic productions in order to preserve the environment. The transparent part of the structure was rented specifically for this show.


Louis Vuitton Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Louis Vuitton
SS 2020 Fashion Show Louis Vuitton
Spring 2020 Womenswear Louis Vuitton
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Louis Vuitton

Wed, October 9 2019 » Fashion Blog


Chanel Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Bag Chanel
SS 2020 Bag Chanel
2020 Belt Chanel
2020 Jewel Chanel
Chanel Bracelet
Chanel Belt

Wed, October 9 2019 » Fashion Blog


Chanel Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Chanel © Copyright 2019

A youthful breeze of liberty blows across the rooftops of Paris. Or more precisely those installed in the nave of the Grand Palais for the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear show. Roofs so typical of the fashion capital and the rue Cambon with their zinc surfaces, walkways, chimney pots and windows opening onto the sky.

“The roofs of Paris remind me of the atmosphere of the Nouvelle Vague. I saw silhouettes walking on the roofs. I thought about Kristen Stewart playing Jean Seberg and all the actresses Gabrielle Chanel dressed at that time,” says Virginie Viard, Artistic Director of the Fashion collections.

Today, the ethereal allure is dancing. Accessorised with sandals that come with jewelled or strass-embellished straps or are flat and two-tone, and occasionally little hats, the silhouette is fluid and light. The materials are supple and hinder no movements. For both day and night, the collection plays with the simplicity and balance of volume. Jackets with flounced collars and cuffs and short skirts reinterpret the tweed suit.

Capri pants and denim jackets with ruffles also join the dance. Very pure little white coats finished with braid, are worn with voluminous skirts and tops in black and white tweed. The straight-cut masculine tweed jacket is revisited, transformed into playsuits, jumpsuits or a little dress with a flared skirt. Long coats come in tweed or wool crêpe while a striped top and a carelessly knotted shirt add masculine-feminine accents.

Satin, silk faille and taffetas carry the short, wraparound or asymmetric skirts, always worn high on the waist: petticoated, or not, with organza, they move with an unimpeded freedom. Their charm is enhanced with ruffled tops and delicate pleated blouses with balloon sleeves embellished with little bows or raffia and organza petals.

In their transparency, the fabrics reveal the breathtaking work of the ateliers required for the construction of the dresses and their handkerchief hems. Tiers of printed chiffon, organza, feathers and raffia fringes structure the delicate tops and long skirts. Embroidered around the collar with sequins in matte red like a lipstick, dresses in anthracite chiffon are printed with Parisian facades.

Their flat pleats seem ready to float away with beautiful amplitude. A series of skirts, jackets and a long dress pass by in silk twill printed in the tonalities of dusk, with braids and trimmings in two-tone grosgrain.

Stripes, checks, vibrant block colours – red, orange, pink, blue – illuminate the collection and the emblematic black and white of the House. The prints are in unison: on one ultra-graphic version, the letters of CHANEL haphazardly stand out from the roofs.

In a large version, the CHANEL 19 bag comes swathed in printed silk twill, while the 11.12 bag is back in tweed to match its suit. Zip-up bags in leather or tweed are reminiscent of schoolgirls’ pencil cases: the CHANEL signature appears handwritten in chain interlaced with leather.

The flap bag is refreshed with a wrist bracelet or a braid in two-tone grosgrain ribbon. Others have a more precious note: beads set with chains or sequinned embroideries with floral motifs. Gently, a ruffle is laid here on a strap or there on the flap of a half-moon clutch.

Ever present, couture jewellery is worn in accumulation: pearl sautoirs and brooches, necklaces in coloured crystal or punctuated with strass-covered balls and cuff bracelets signed CHANEL PARIS.

Feminine, urban, in motion, never the same and yet always identifiable, the silhouette of CHANEL’s Spring-Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection has the nonchalant grace of a cinematographic heroine. Inspiring, contemporary, eternal.


Chanel Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Chanel Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Chanel
SS 2020 Fashion Show Chanel
Spring 2020 Womenswear Chanel
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Chanel

Wed, October 9 2019 » Fashion Blog


Balmain Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Balmain © Copyright 2019


Is my generation’s nostalgia for our turn-of-the-century childhood culture somehow less cool than fashion’s more familiar fixation on the ‘70s and “80s?’

That’s the question that has been bouncing around the Balmain studio and offices, as my team and I worked on this Spring-Summer 2020 collection.

We all know that fashion has been happy to rely on vintage inspirations over the past few decades, with designers mining the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s for statement pieces and entire runways. But, for some, styles from the late nineties and early aughts somehow seem too recent to consider for revivals — perhaps due to a feeling that those looks need a bit more of the filter of time that always helps to smooth out past eras’ fashion bumps.

Nevertheless, we’re going there this season — and Balmain’s riffing on the distinctive sounds, spirit and styles of my youth is more than just a simple exercise in nostalgia for me. I’d also like to celebrate the transformative power of that moment.

Sure, I love to be reminded of the old hits that I listened to over and over again as a kid — but now I realize that the artists behind my collection of scratched CDs were often manifestations of a new type of American Dream, resulting in a different sort of pop culture than that of previous generations.

Back then, for me — a black kid growing up in the provinces — just being able to listen to and see someone like Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child was incredibly empowering. Their success made it clear to me and others like me that you could actually “cross over” and be celebrated as a talent by all, while never having to compromise your pride in your origins or play rôles that others expected of you. Ideas that once might have been revolutionary were presented to us as simple facts — and always paired with the most addictive of melodies.

And it’s those addictive melodies — from Beyoncé, as well as artists like Britney, Christina and JLo — that are the ones associated with the looks that inspired this collection. This runway looks to the styles that my team and I remember and which we are more than ready to begin celebrating. We are happy to be able to embrace a past that we can actually remember, instead of once again turning to established references that can only be researched through archives.

Of course, this being Balmain, these turn-of-the-century explorations might look to my youth, but they rely on the masterful craftsmanship and singular tailoring skills that only a true Paris atelier is capable of. The famous Balmain embellishments have been given a decidedly modern touch for this runway, with the addition of the fine jewelry pieces that my team and I have designed, using extraordinary sustainably created diamonds from Diamond Foundry, the world’s only carbon-neutral diamond producer.

We believe that Diamond Foundry’s commitments to sustainable creation makes them the perfect partner for Balmain, complementing this house’s well-known dedication to fighting for inclusion, empowerment and the democratization of fashion. We’re proud to be the first Parisian house to work with Diamond Foundry and we look forward to including their diamonds in our upcoming runways.

A second collaboration for this collection is particularly close to my heart. As you may have already heard, Balmain recently teamed up with my friend, Kylie Jenner, for a new Kylie x Balmain Cosmetics line, which is being released today. After working closely with Kylie on that offering, it became clear to both of us that our new collection was the perfect one to rely for this runway. Of course, we had hoped to have Kylie here in Paris with us today — but the most important thing is that she takes care of herself and gets better soon.

Olivier Rousteing – 27 September 2019 Paris


Balmain Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Balmain Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Balmain
SS 2020 Fashion Show Balmain
Spring 2020 Womenswear Balmain
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Balmain

Tue, October 8 2019 » Fashion Blog


Hermès Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Hermès © Copyright 2019

Beauty is quite a mysterious thing. There was a time when it had to be synonymous with perfection; it was an Ideal. We had almost forgotten that the Ideal could also be altered. And had to be.

It never was that fixed, rigid unbending thing; it is the constantly changing horizon. And perfection? Ah, nowadays perfection takes a backseat to movement. Beauty: all kinds.

We catch a glimpse of these beauties in silhouettes striding forth, blithely unafraid of paradox, of unexpected alliances — on the contrary. Kalós as the Greeks used to say.

Using that same term, they pretended to confound the beautiful and the good. Physical splendour and moral grandeur. The Greeks always had a good sense of humor — of the clairvoyant kind.

Our metamorphoses have become our new idealism, our only beauty. He watches her dress. Organdy and leather. Light, powerful. When she puts it on, her hand beckons to a new horizon. Whisper sweet nothings in my ear? Let us stroll under a Bubinga pink sky, into dusk.

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear? Laisse-moi tranquille.


Hermès Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Hermès Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Hermès
SS 2020 Fashion Show Hermès
Spring 2020 Womenswear Hermès
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Hermès

Mon, October 7 2019 » Fashion Blog


Olivier Theyskens Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris

Olivier Theyskens © Copyright 2019

Returning to the historical salons of the Directoire-style Hotel Bourrienne, Olivier Theyskens muses on party girls throughout the ages for Spring Summer 2020. From the 18th century Merveilleuses – who danced within these very walls – to the contemporary Theyskens girl, the collection rejoices in a call-and-repeat of sensuous shadow play laced with the hand of the atelier. Approaching deconstruction with abandon, the silhouette is both dictated and adorned by Theyskens’ touch as a consummate dressmaker.

In signature black and ballet nudes interjected with scarlet, pale pink and lavender, the collection examines tailoring and eveningwear separates from the inside out. The elements of a column skirt suit are peeled back to reveal meticulous structure: raw cut hems, hook-and-eye closures and ribbon piping are exposed as precise darts build volumes in taffeta, organza and summer wool.

Tailoring diverges as an ultra-slim basque jacket or a boxy linen blazer worn over silk camisoles paired with cigarette trousers or a sleek bloomer. Light as air, cocktail dresses are draped in pleated satin or embroidered lace, suspended on ribbons or floating with gazar wings. Moments of opulence arrive in a scrolling jacquard, glass teardrop jewels and embroidered veil netting, as a lacquered platform heel elevates the silhouette to monumental heights.

For Spring Summer 2020, a partnership with Los Angeles-based French eyewear label Jacques Marie Mage results in the first Olivier Theyskens sunglasses collection. Featuring bold and linear acetate frames in high-gloss and frosted finishes, each intemporal style is emblazoned with the OT monogram device.


Olivier Theyskens Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Olivier Theyskens Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Olivier Theyskens
SS 2020 Fashion Show Olivier Theyskens
Spring 2020 Womenswear Olivier Theyskens
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Olivier Theyskens

Mon, October 7 2019 » Fashion Blog


Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show SS 2020


Rock me Amadeus

Everything is connected, things that apparently have nothing in common with each other suddenly find a connection. This is inspiration, intuition, the human condition. This is what we are, we are connected to the universe.

I hung a picture on the wall. The image of the handle of a door in the shape of a man’s head whose arms unite to form a knocker – toc, toc, alchemy. This vision has turned into a circle that joins the shoulders or hips and flies in the wind, sometimes it’s short, others it’s long.

My first inspiration: the cloud and the image of a 1950s pin-up photographed from below; it seems to be in the sky with cotton balls thrown at her. I like the shape of the clouds that float on the body, clothes that slide over the body, shirts that come down from the hips to the floor. You can wear them backwards or tie them to the hips: do it yourself. We have worked with Wastemark collecting inventories from the best Italian textile companies: reduce, reuse, rethink.

I love volumes; street vendors with their goods tied to the body are walking windows. The shapes explode to form infinite possibilities: shoulders, padded hips, large hair and umbrellas. The support is secured and protected by corsets, which are also fundamental for the fabrics that twirl in Botticelli’s Venus.

For the second season, we worked in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative using hand-made fabrics in Mali and naturally dyed Bogolan literally “made of land”.

We have renewed the Animal Toe shoes with a new heel that Mozart would like. Tyger, bright burning tyger, in the forests of the night. The 18th century hairstyle, worn by young apprentices, is brilliant. I had never seen creatures like this, they come from another planet. They create a historical and geographical fable of the human race, from microbes to robots.

We support Fauna + Flora in their fight against the protection of the Sumatran tiger from mass extinction. www.fauna-flora.org


SS 2020 Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood
SS 2020 Fashion Show Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood
Spring 2020 Womenswear Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

Mon, October 7 2019 » Fashion Blog


Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show SS 2020
SS 2020 Yohji Yamamoto Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Yohji Yamamoto
SS 2020 Fashion Show Yohji Yamamoto
Spring 2020 Womenswear Yohji Yamamoto
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Yohji Yamamoto

Mon, October 7 2019 » Fashion Blog


Sacai Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Sacai Fashion Show SS 2020


One Nation Under a Groove.

The words of George Clinton and Funkadelic deliver a message of harmony and unity, translated by designer Chitose Abe to her Spring ‘20 collection; a response to the disharmony in our world today and here unifying different wardrobe elements to make one harmonious, hybrid piece, while continuing her career-long quest to re-imagine what’s possible with silhouette.

Chiffon lavalliere blouse / pants / trench all incorporated into one dress. Coat / skirt / dress shirt, all joined as one, with a new, elegant harmony.

The map of the world and a motif inspired by cartography extends the theme – as embroidery on trenches, prints on dresses and playful, 3D fringe on knits and lady-like tweed, in forms reminiscent of the seven continents, with a spectrum of colour, from bright through to monochrome.

Rope belts and fastenings pull looks together, while making a new silhouette, the cord inspired by climbing rope, playing with the notion – held deeply and with hope and optimism – that humanity ultimately rises to a higher place.


SS 2020 Sacai Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Sacai
SS 2020 Fashion Show Sacai
Spring 2020 Womenswear Sacai
Summer 2020 Fashion Trends Sacai

Mon, October 7 2019 » Fashion Blog

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