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Moschino Man London Fashion Week 2015
Moschino Man London Fashion Week


It’s a blizzard, boys! Time to wrap up in loads of layers and get to the rave that’s pumping off the top of the snow-capped mountain. Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott has got you covered on what to wear.

Everything in this wintery collection has been designed to be party proof for the snow, warm enough to get you through the icy conditions, but cool enough to let you breeze right by the doorman.

Trekking through the wintery back woods requires outerwear that befits a bad-ass expedition. Scott has invented enough variations – from cropped shearling bombers and gold foil puffers to patchworked, multi-colored Montgomerys and military coats that come dripping in David Crockett’s fox tails – to suit every boy on the dancefloor.

Once inside the steamy club, the coats slip off, and the bare-chested boys are ready to rock. Back in the chilly outdoors, patchworks of shearling, fox and mink bring out the mountain-man for a wild, evening ride. Fake furs are spotted and striped with bold animal patterns.

Nylon and silver metallic leather stamped with punchy orange hibiscus prints brings a street edge, while rough buffalo check rings in a clear sign of the good, old outdoors. Other materials, like brightly colored fuzzy mohair, classic herringbones and tweeds, blanket the boys in warmth.

This being a rave gathering, not everyone is behaving as expected. 401 jeans’ pockets get ripped off pants and re-sewn up into a mash-up patchwork on cropped jackets. Other signature-Scott hybrids include a shearling biker jacket that’s been crossed with a tuxedo tail coat construction or kilt skirts sprouting scarf constructions.

Long johns, python printed leather trousers, jeans and puffer snowboarding pants are bottom half staples. Footwear is sturdy enough to tramp right through the snow and up the mountain top.

Leather and nylon hiking boots, Moschino leopard print moon boots, wooly mammoth boots, and patent leather expedition boots are ruggedly chic. For tussles and tumbles in the snow, there are shearling trapper hats, long knit caps, ski goggles, and silver ski gloves.

Inventive men’s bags include full fur knapsacks, rhinestone crusted totes, puffer backpacks with Davey Crockett fox tails are roomy enough for all of the evenings provisions. And if it ends up being an all-nighter, let’s hope they brought some instant coffee for the morning after.


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