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Valentino Fashion Show FW 2017 Paris
Valentino Fashion Show FW 2017


Subtle disruption. Gentle distortion. De ning a man through what he wears and how he wears it. Gentleman. Or rather: gentle, man.

Charm as a distinctive sign. Spontaneity that ignores the rules, without struggle.

Observing classicality through the lens of visceral expression, profound essence is captured and altered, as in a painting by Francis Bacon. With a glitch.

Casentino fabric, checkered wools, leather, patent leather: the alphabet. Ratifying outerwear, the small pullover, the shirt with plastrons: the vocabulary. The slim bowtie, the technical sneakers, the cap: the punctuation. Free and personal compositions.

Decisive gestures misalign familiar shapes. Unbalanced volumes. Details out of place. Acrylic and graceless colors. Jamie Reid’s slogans and punk lettering within Couture intarsia. The absolute synthesis maintains truth and authenticity, without reverences.

Gentle individuality that sprouts from the not thinking exceedingly to what one wears. Instinctively.


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Mon, January 30 2017 » Fashion Blog

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