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Versace Fashion Show FW 2017 Milan

Versace © Copyright 2017

The brotherhood of Versace – the strength of individuals, the power of unity. Pride in identity, the coming together of clans, and the sense of belonging from new archetypes for a male wardrobe. Outerwear includes long, knitted coats that wrap the body, or sharply tailored coats that are held by belts to dramatize the silhouette.

Prints throughout are like mark-making, as if the hand-painted pattern of an ancient tribe. The prints unify and blend the collection between formal and casual. Nylon trenches have light yet dynamic volume, with double-length belts to hold and exaggerate their elegant fluidity.

Photographic prints of classical sculptures are collaged with images of hardware, symbolising the idealistic beauty of male power through the ages. Shearling coats bring the survival instincts of the wilds to the city, while plaid shirts are rugged for the urban landscape. Positive words of hope are embroidered on the chest of shirts and nylon zip-ups, with hidden messages of affirmation also sewn inside coats to embolden the wearer.

The pattern and beauty of African textiles are found in jacquard coats that are woven like blankets, or graphic sweaters that were proudly knitted by hand. The Versace suit is refreshed and lightened: the strong silhouette is now neat to the body, with a soft constructed shoulder for the way men wear tailoring today.

Hiking sneakers punctuate the silhouette with their energising shape, often mixing traditional shoe detailing with a technical sole. Empire bags have been hand-painted in the marks of the collection, while the new Palladian bag is neat, compact and versatile. The V-Extreme Pro watch brings the rugged outdoors into the urban environment, while a special edition of the Dylos with grey stone or total black is sleek for the city.

“This is a collection about the different tribes of Versace men, and the powerful positivity that can happen when men from different places, different cultures join together.” Donatella Versace


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Versace © Copyright 2017

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