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Giorgio Armani Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Giorgio Armani Fashion Show SS 2018
SS 2018 Giorgio Armani Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
SS 2018 Fashion Show Giorgio Armani
Spring 2018 Womenswear Giorgio Armani
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Giorgio Armani

Tue, November 14 2017 » Fashion Blog


Fendi Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Fendi Fashion Show SS 2018


In a world where Italian Futurism meets tropical travel, the FENDI Spring/Summer 2018 Collection emerges in a swirl of Caribbean color and flavor.

Shades of ocean blue wash against seafoam green, coral pink and sand, as the silhouette drapes off the shoulder, nips at the waist and blooms into full skirts.

In a graphic play of diaphanous layers, the symmetry of stripes and checkerboard patterns is seen throughout: bowling shirts become organza blouses, and rugby polos or cable knits warp over candy striped knickers and bras.

Denim trench coats and cool poplin tops reveal shoulders and scrunch at the hip, as striped silk denim and pinstriped cotton skirts hug the waist high. Nude sequin separates shimmer as moments of craft unfurl in delicate fern leaf broderie anglaise, beaded organza philodendron and palm leaves, floral leather marquetry and fur floating on silk chiffon.

On foot, pointed mesh flats and pumps come adorned with tartan beading, surf straps and a rattan heel, whilst stocking boots collage the double F logo with Futurist florals.

The Spring/Summer 2018 marks the first appearance on the catwalk of the Mon Trésor bag, a mini bucket presented in luxurious exotic leather festooned with metallic pearls, and the new Runaway tote in transparent tartan mesh with rounded rattan handles.

The Kan I F bag returns trimmed in raffia fringes and worn with leafy suede Strap You handles. Monkey, banana and Bao-bug logo charms accent the Collection’s tropical feel.


SS 2018 Fendi Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Fendi
SS 2018 Fashion Show Fendi
Spring 2018 Womenswear Fendi
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Fendi

Sat, November 11 2017 » Fashion Blog


Blumarine Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Blumarine Fashion Show SS 2018
SS 2018 Blumarine Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Blumarine
SS 2018 Fashion Show Blumarine
Spring 2018 Womenswear Blumarine
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Blumarine

Sat, November 11 2017 » Fashion Blog


Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show SS 2018


Individuality. Distinctiveness. The Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2018 collection by Fulvio Rigoni celebrates women, exalting their multi-faceted styles, personalities and beauty. Inspired by the uniqueness of the women who wore Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. Greta Garbo, Carmen Miranda, Brigitte Bardot, Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe, to whom the legendary shoemaker contributed in defining their elegance and allure.

“No two women are the same – I wanted to celebrate women’s individuality and style, vivid colors – ever evolving femininity, ”states Fulvio Rigoni, Design Director for the Salvatore Ferragamo Women’s RTW Collections.

Similarly, the collection is hinged on great standalone pieces with assorted silhouettes, textures, prints and attitudes that lend themselves to be mixed-and-matched liberally, according to one’s personality. Drawing from a vast time frame – pencil silhouettes from the Twenties, fringes from the Thirties, Fifties’ full skirts, Seventies flares – each look is put together to tell a different story with femininity, quality and color as the common thread. Each one is infused with a surprise element, a modernist twist and highly-detailed touches that represent Ferragamo’s idea of “high tech, high craft.”

Quintessentially Ferragamo, the color palette features shots of geranium pink, emerald green, bright red and plum, tempered by pastels and white.

Textures play a key role. Tops and wide-legged pants with a mélange effect are made with crocheted chinè cotton; perforations are micro on suede and macro on hand-painted python for a semi-transparent look, at once unexpected and vivid.

Prints are exclusive and inventive. Striped graphic prints offer an unusual 3-D effect as if different fabrics were draped, layered and twisted while the florals include a maxi flower positioned on the side or a hazy, painterly all-overall motif, at times enriched with gauzy patterned overlays for an X-ray effect. They appear on dresses, tops and evening gowns, in varying lengths, often asymmetrical for a more fluid, relaxed and summery elegance.

High-skilled artisanship elevates the knitwear enriched with labor-intensive intarsia inserts.

The accessories add the finishing touch with small leather bags featuring gold and silver Gancini hardware evocative of costume jewelry like metal bracelet-looking handles, geometric totes and belt bags in rich choc brown. The footwear spans from embroidered stretch booties with Ferragamo’s signature “Flower” and “Cage” heel, to embellished flat sandals and cross-over mules.

Head-to-toe Individuality that crystalizes and respects the personality of each woman.


SS 2018 Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Salvatore Ferragamo
SS 2018 Fashion Show Salvatore Ferragamo
Spring 2018 Womenswear Salvatore Ferragamo
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Salvatore Ferragamo

Sat, November 11 2017 » Fashion Blog


Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show SS 2018
SS 2018 Marco De Vincenzo Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
SS 2018 Fashion Show Marco De Vincenzo
Spring 2018 Womenswear Marco De Vincenzo
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Marco De Vincenzo

Sat, November 11 2017 » Fashion Blog


Marni Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Marni Fashion Show SS 2018


Treasure hunt. Bits and pieces collected on an endless search, put together like strings of DNA, or charms dangling from a bracelet. Lovingly.

A multitude of women, surfing through a multitude of worlds. They scavenge into trunks full of objects, finding items that belong to different individuals and carry different stories: Fifties bathing suits and dressing gowns, humongous polo shirts and sumptuous skirts, outscaled pants and impalpable slip dresses.

They play, dissect, adopt, adapt. Joyfully. They magnify, distort, distress, glorify. Spontaneously. Their idea of beauty is a bizarre cocktail: shaken, not stirred. The ingredients range wide: couture nods and Twenties languors, balloon poises and skaters’ slouch, ravers and flappers.

The spirit is inquisitive. Nothing is taken for granted, or as it is. Insides and constructions peek a boo as through X rays. Seams and toiles are exposed, hems cut raw and frayed.

New balances arise from the flipping of an angle, or a grand-angle. Masculine pieces morph to the womanly shape. Volumes get reconfigured. Micro turns into macro, and viceversa. Harmony emanates from clashes and cacophonies: demure furry shoes and sturdy Wellingtons, fragile silks and compact knits, utilitarian checks and elitist flowers.

Surprise. Objects lost, objects trouvé, knotted into jewels. A lucid accumulation of accidents, like the female figures in David Salle’s early drawings, seductive in pose, scribbled over in hastened gestures.

The humanity of touch, expressed by women who do and do not pose. Their urge to make things their own, to assemble, disassemble and reassemble is playfully childish. Dada, perhaps. Spontaneous, always. Beauty as a playful act. And as such, as a subversive one.


SS 2018 Marni Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Marni
SS 2018 Fashion Show Marni
Spring 2018 Womenswear Marni
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Marni

Sat, November 11 2017 » Fashion Blog


N°21 Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
N°21 Fashion Show SS 2018



Countercurrent/Countercontemporary. Rather than direct referencing, a keen reappropriation. No revision or reworking, by contrast an explicit return to authenticity. «I wanted to go back to my own fashion codes, the ones that established my style and that I’ve now imbued N°21 with through a conscious pursuit of authenticity. So that the style message is clear, recognizable, definite, strong. I like to personalize my work, present my own viewpoint on fashion as a way to take responsibility, because I think the brand should narrate my vision, namely the vision of its author,» says Alessandro Dell’Acqua, creative director of N°21.
Irriverent. Assertion of an authoritative message, one with a distinct personality, on the concept of femininity. The color blush pink — inflected in 21 shades of flesh tone — imprints the character of the collection. «Son qui radiografata, son nuda anche vestita (I am here x-rayed, nude even with my clothes on)»: Nuda, Mina’s 1976 song written by Don Backy, soundtrack for this show, becomes the manifesto that tells the story of clothes in all shades of blush pink and that affirms a woman’s right to have her person and her body respected, no matter how many centimeters of skin are covered or not covered. Embroideries, overlays, plisse skirts with plume inserts, sheer tulle on dresses and parkas, little mohair sweaters with sequins and feathers. Lingerie ribbon distinctly marking seams, the rims of shoes with satin lining and contrast high heel. Lightweight knit bras and culottes appearing under voile dresses. Sequin- or crystal-studded petticoats peeking out from under dresses in nylon or duchesse fabric. Leopard print coats presenting lovely sheer tulle overlays.
Now New. The masculine/feminine mix, another one of Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s fashion codes, infiltrates the N°21 collection through mannish check fabrics in the form of skirts, short pants, bomber jackets. And, quite surprisingly, through full skirts in tech brocades. In a statement by a woman with a multiple personality: «Io v’innamorerò parlandovi di me (I will make you fall in love talking to you about me)», Nuda, Mina.
Eye Candy. Eyewear expressing optimism. Ultra clear colored lenses on frames in blush pink or some other pastel tone. All to highlight an alluring look, a sophisticated step-up in glam through objects and accessories that become iconic if interpreted within the context of a conscious style.   
Inspirational. Introduction of the Alice Bag, a long-strap handbag to sport on the shoulder too. In addition to the normal size, there are mini and tote versions. Complete with crystal edging. It joins the Bow Bag, where the brand’s signature bow makes for the smartest of features.
Aspirational. The spring-summer 2018 N°21 collection by Alessandro Dell’Acqua depicts fashion for a woman firmly set on asserting her own aspirations. «Con la mia testa io vi conquisterò (I will win you over with my mind),» as Mina says in the show’s soundtrack. Meanwhile affirming the right to determine the moment of seduction: «E per chi vuol vedere le gambe e il mio sedere, vestiti trasparenti li accontenterò (And for those who want to see my legs and rear, see-through clothes, I will accommodate them)».


SS 2018 N°21 Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show N°21
SS 2018 Fashion Show N°21
Spring 2018 Womenswear N°21
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends N°21

Fri, November 10 2017 » Fashion Blog


Francesco Scognamiglio Fashion Show SS 2018 Milan
Francesco Scognamiglio Fashion Show SS 2018


Liberté – Décadence

For Francesco Scognamiglio Spring-Summer 2018 represents freedom: aesthetic and ecstatic representation of a delicate restless soul, mislaid between romanticism and perdition. A desert island, the place of an inner and exterior journey.

Light silks and tropical textures are decorated with exotic palms, alternated by kisses and screams in a midsummer night. Diaphanous and romantic lace, blends with patent, evoking a shining Cadillac. Antique pink coatings, fuchsia, black and bronze restore thickness to ethereal flounces. Form becomes matter: the polka dots are lurex holes or three- dimensional crystals.

Inevitable dresses, cropped-short and sometimes longuette, shown together with blouses and shirt-dresses with tight knit lurex sashes round the waist. Boxer pants to the knee, recalls men’s underwear. Overcoats are transformed into silk printed and embroidered bombers. The colour palettes ranges from silver to azure, from bronze to antique rose, with fuchsia and deep black details.

Evanescent creature in the midst of summer, Francesco Scognamiglio’s woman is an angel, travelling from and to perdition, lost between dreams and disenchantments.


SS 2018 Francesco Scognamiglio Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Francesco Scognamiglio
SS 2018 Fashion Show Francesco Scognamiglio
Spring 2018 Womenswear Francesco Scognamiglio
Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Francesco Scognamiglio

Fri, November 10 2017 » Fashion Blog

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