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Fendi Fashion Show FW 2018 Milan
Fendi Fashion Show FW 2018


At the airport. Ready to take off for the FENDI journey or coming back from one.

Coding, decoding and recoding the FENDI formula: FF logo, Pequin stripes, FENDI stamp, FENDI yellow are explored, exploded, spliced, collaged. This way and that way. Intarsia and gheronatura are brought on sportier ground: workmanship as another FENDI mark.

Luggage is on the conveyor belt, comfy shoes are on, comfy clothes too. In the suitcase, carry on, or simply on: roomy intarsia blousons, square jackets, ultrasound duvets; lounge suits, rubber anoraks, intarsia sweatshirts; striped shirts, glazed coats.

Everything is reversible: to double the use and to cut the weight of the luggage by the half. The FENDI remix: @hey_reilly takes it all, and turns it into a collage splashed onto clothing and bags.

Accessorizing makes the journey easier. A mini umbrella on the head; knit-backpacks, uberluxurious travel sets, as shearling suitcases; “wearable” bags, camera cases, mini bags for passport and errands; lounge sneakers and FF rubber loafers.

Finally, for last minute shopping before embarking, the rubber shopper bag heralding FF values in bold type: Family, Faithful, Freedom, Fancy, Fabulous!

The FENDI flight is now taking off.


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