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Altuzarra Fashion Show FW 2018 Paris
Altuzarra Fashion Show FW 2018


“Last season, I was inspired by a fictional character, the idea of a fantastical warrior woman. This season as I’m nearing our 10 year anniversary, I have been thinking a lot instead about the Altuzarra woman and the friends and family who embody the brand. The collection grew around the idea of memories of women I grew up with – from my mother getting dressed for work; and my teachers, to women I saw on the street in Paris in the Eighties, and those in the pages of magazines. I was also inspired by the women I work with, the women I am friends with, and the multiplicity of roles they play in their own lives. This is the through-line this collection was built around.”

Joseph Altuzarra


FW 2018-19 Altuzarra Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Altuzarra
Woman FW 2018-19 Fashion Show Altuzarra
Fall 2018-19 Womenswear Altuzarra
Winter 2018 Fashion Trends Altuzarra
Altuzarra Woman 2018
Altuzarra Woman Style 2018
Altuzarra Catwalk
Altuzarra Fall Winter 2018 Womens Collection Paris Fashion Week
Woman Fall 2018 Fashion Trends Altuzarra
Winter 2018 Woman Trends Altuzarra
Runway Altuzarra Fall Winter 2018 Women's Collection Paris Fashion Week
Fashion Model Altuzarra Catwalk
Altuzarra Women's Collection 2018
Altuzarra FW 2018 Womenswear
Altuzarra Paris Fashion Week
Fashion Woman Model Altuzarra Catwalk
Altuzarra Paris Fashion Week Womenswear
FW 2018 Altuzarra
Altuzarra Fashion Show
Altuzarra 2018-2019
Altuzarra Fall Winter 2018
Altuzarra Fall 2018 Catwalk
Catwalk Altuzarra Winter 2018
Altuzarra Woman Style
Model Catwalk Altuzarra
Altuzarra Winter 2018 Woman Catwalk
Catwalk Altuzarra Woman Fashion Show Winter 2018
Fall Fashion Woman Trends 2018 Altuzarra
Fall Fashion 2018-19 Altuzarra
Fall Winter 2018 Woman Paris Altuzarra Collection
2018 Altuzarra Fall Winter Woman
Fashion 2018-2019 Woman Style Altuzarra
Altuzarra 2018 Woman Paris
2018 Woman Style Altuzarra
2018 Catwalk Altuzarra
2018 Catwalk Altuzarra Woman Fashion Show Winter
2018 Altuzarra Woman Winter Runway
2018 Altuzarra Woman Catwalk
FW 2018-19 Altuzarra Fashion Show Paris
Womenswear FW Altuzarra 2018-19
Womenswear FW Altuzarra 2018
Fashion 2018-19 Woman Trends Altuzarra
Fashion 2018-2019 Catwalk Altuzarra Winter
Fashion 2018-19 Woman Style Altuzarra
Fashion 2018-2019 Woman Trends Altuzarra
Womenswear Fashion Show Altuzarra
2018 Altuzarra Woman Winter Catwalk
Joseph Altuzarra

Altuzarra © Copyright 2018

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