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Versace Fashion Show SS 2019 Milan
Versace Fashion Show SS 2019


It’s Versace and HE knows it!

“Inspiration” is a word of yesterday, because what is relevant today won’t be tomorrow. This collection was born from the different emotions I felt in different moments during the creation process. What I put on the runway was inspired by many different kinds of men: the street-style star, the high fashion man, the boardroom executive. I conceived these clothes thinking that each of them could find something that perfectly fits his personal style. These are men who do not care about the rules and that is exactly what I love: they have an opinion and make their own style choices.”
Donatella Versace

High on life, high on the very meaning of being Versace. The Versace man is not ordinary, but rather, he is looked at, talked about, and always turning heads. He expresses himself through his clothes without holding back, his movement always effortlessly powerful, while pushing every boundary and never letting go of his sense of humour.

The Spring Summer collection plays with the perception of sensuality in a masculine context, so relevant that it can’t help but be gossiped about, from the tabloids to the streets.

HE’S BRINGING SEXY BACK – in the office, out on the town, back to his place. The clothes bring out his confidence and masculinity like never before. The business man meets his inner rock star; the street style star meets the skater guy – he is sensual, manly, contemporary, and ready to take risks that get people talking. A unique play on contrasts that defines him.

He is at ease with the ironic mix of lace, sheer, neon and floral print in a modern, masculine context. Traditional sartorial jackets are matched with baggy denim pants. The Tabloid print is a reminder of the celebrity culture we live in. The Icon shoulder bag is taken from the woman’s wardrobe and worn with printed silk pyjamas, faux python overcoats and black or white looks.

Sandals, classic shoes with iconic Medusa Head details, bucket hats and a new edition of the Chain Reaction sneaker stand out as the season’s accessories of choice. Nothing short of noticeable, the Versace man is the centre of all the attention. Because when a man wears Versace, the world talks.


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