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Moschino Fashion Show FW 2019 Rome
Moschino Fashion Show FW 2019 Pre-Collection



The ruins of Caracalla baths comme discotheque as imagined from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita set the scene for the Moschino Womens Prefall and Mens Fall collection. Harringbone tweed coats embroidered with Latin lettering resemble ancient chiseled tablets pierced with deep red and golden yellow satin sashes, ruffles and bows mixing staunch menswear staples with the elegance and drama of couture evening gowns.

Amongst the cast of characters, there are nods to Fellini archetypes found in a variety of films: Satyricon, 8 ½, Casanova, Roma and La Dolce Vita. Roman mythological creatures and Latin inscriptions are resurrected for a red and blue scarf print of regal proportions. Centurion armour re-approached and mixed with eveningwear for women and sportswear for men.

Opulent court gowns from Italian nobility are shortened, cropped, dissected into a bodice and separate cage skirt touching upon another note in the Fellini oeuvre. Tracksuits adorned with jewels and intricate tarnished metallic gold embroidery create embellished “bones;” showing ribcages and femurs.

Flourish and flair mix and mingle with deconstructed “off duty” showgirls fringed in tiered beading then juxtaposed against duffels and bombers; padded, quilted and remixed to add an unexpected drab military foil to all that glamour.

Are they extras between scenes running in their period costumes with their own parka layered for warmth? Are they doing double duty filming scenes in two different époques?

Exaggerating the frivolity and sensibility at the same time, it needs not make sense as it seeks not that. It only seeks to inspire and intrigue. It is surreal. It is cinema. It is Fellini. It is Moschino.


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