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Versace Fashion Show SS 2020 Milan

Versace © Copyright 2019

On the occasion of the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Donatella Versace pays tribute to a iconic moment in which fashion and culture acted as catalysts for technological progress. There experimentation with new sartorial and fabric processing techniques has always been part of DNA of the Versace fashion shows.

Twenty years ago, this spirit of innovation moved from Milan to one of the most important red carpet in Hollywood, up to Silicon Valley. The dress Jungle Print made its debut on the runway of the Spring-Summer 2000 collection e later on several red carpets. At the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez pulled up of himself the attention of the whole world when he wore this unique dress.

Millions of people went up internet to see Jennifer, making that search the biggest Google had experienced until then. However, what people were looking for – an image of the star and of the dress – did not appear in the results of the research and it was thus that a habit generated such a frenzy in the people to enter history, inspiring the Google team to create a new search tool: Google Images.

“It was an incredible thing. The whole world had the exact same reaction: it remained open-mouthed. Today we live in a high-tech society, but back then it was different. To think that a single dress, tied to a particular moment, has led to the creation of a tool that we now use almost without notice, I think it’s an extraordinary thing “.
- Donatella Versace -

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the Jungle print returns to the catwalk in its version original, in shades of green, and in a palette of reds and oranges. Presented in its original version, the print is declined with different materials and techniques. It is found printed on the legendary metal-mesh and embroidered with crystals and tie-dye elements.

Shirts embroidered with the unforgettable print are worn under corsets with a sweetheart neckline. Also, it appears for the first time on Squalo and in sneakers three-dimensional embroidery on the Virtus bag. Volumes, overlays and intricate shapes for the cleavage bring the iconic black dress back to life Versace.

Borrowing the techniques used to create Atelier dresses, the marked lines geometric give character to a series of black dresses that open the show. Silhouettes that sinuous caress the body are combined with golden details and delicate sandals, embellished with leaves of skin.

The shoulders return to the fore and characterize tailored jackets. Balloon skirts with narrow waist they are embroidered with crystals and create a figure at the same time strong, elegant and extremely feminine.

The iconic garments evolve thanks to the use of a special avant-garde tie-dye technique that is used on the leather, creates a marbled effect in fluorescent tones. This technique also blends with the sartorial garments in Prince of Wales, who, together with the T-shirts on which stands the iconic Medusa or the signature of Gianni Versace, they symbolize the encounter between the classical aesthetics of the brand with the desire for continuous experimentation.

The ankle-tied sandals are characterized by plexiglass heels and mini cristal-mesh handbags complete the looks. This season, Versace and Google are working together to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of a moment legendary in the history of fashion and of Google itself.

The meeting of technology, classicism and fashion is evident also in the setting: the domed ceiling inspired by the Pantheon and the central sculpture in the shape of a palm become one with digital art projections.

Thanks to the use of Google Tilt Brush, the print Jungle comes to life in a new virtual form. Always passionate about innovation technology, Donatella Versace will also use the latest digital frontier – the Google Assistant – for look for images of the Jungle dress, thus creating another unforgettable and “googlabile” moment Versace.


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Versace © Copyright 2019

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