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Ottolinger Fashion Show SS 2020 Paris
Ottolinger Fashion Show SS 2020


Ottolinger’s SS20 collection – clever and strange, lyrical and addictive. Featuring hand-dyed colors, hypnotic denim finishings and evocative photo prints in collaboration with the German artist Lucie Stahl as well as traditional Swiss gingham and tomato drawings by the painter Georgia Gardner Gray.

Reconstructed premium Nike Air Max 90 are turning Ottolinger’s handwork into a whole dif­ferent story and open a new world for Nike and Ottolinger’s DNA of sport, craft and innovation. Dreamlike CBD treasures on the signature ceramic bags and the first Ottolinger x KannaSwiss CBD lipstick narrate grand space epics and painting a magnificent portrait of the modern women in a busy world and imagined near future.

“The New Year Train” by Hao Jingfang – a punchy little story, perfect in its pace and length, delivers a hammer-blow of a punchline. The entire story is written as an interview between a reporter and an engineer who has designed a train which uses wormholes to pass through the spacetime continuum and deliver its passengers home for the Lunar New Year on time.

The conversation is witty and whimsical; the dichotomy at play is fun and fluid; and when the engineer asks his final question, he is posing it to us, the reader, asking us why we often seem in such a rush to reach life’s finish line. To use a short, simple, and playfully funny story to present a philosophical message that, while not breaking any new ground, invites at least a few moments of serious pondering, is highly appreciat­ed and exactly what we need in our everyday life. (Text by Will Harris)

Ottolinger SS20 is bringing exactly this fantastic realism into the everyday. The special extra moment – it’s the CBD effect for the busy Ottolinger women to relax.


SS 2020 Ottolinger Fashion Show
Model Fashion Show Ottolinger
SS 2020 Fashion Show Ottolinger
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Spring 2020 Fashion Trends Ottolinger
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Fashion Model Ottolinger Catwalk
Ottolinger Women's Collection 2020
Ottolinger SS 2020 Womenswear
Ottolinger Paris Fashion Week
Fashion Model Woman Ottolinger Catwalk
Ottolinger Paris Fashion Week Womenswear
SS 2020 Ottolinger
Ottolinger Fashion Show
Ottolinger 2020
Ottolinger Spring Summer 2020
Ottolinger Spring 2020 Catwalk
Catwalk Ottolinger Summer 2020
Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient

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