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Marni Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Marni © Copyright 2020

A repertoire of clothing archetypes: objects treated as persistence of memory, assembled together as leftovers creating unsettling hybrids.

Stop, cut, rewind, paste. Bisected coats. Antithetical marshes. Juxtaposed jackets. Fragmented outerwear. Neat shirts and shirts. Dilated trousers. Right and left don’t match. In front and behind less than ever, not to mention above and below.

Everything is too wide, or too narrow, or still too long. Time has left its mark, evident and palpable, on everything: abrasions, cuts, discolourations, shortcomings. Uniforms with hypnotic, or single-color graphics, go under everything. Distorted sneakers and boots complete.

Flashback and fastforward, of styles and movements, united in a choral flow of gestures from the choreography of Michele Rizzo.


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Marni © Copyright 2020

Tue, January 21 2020 » Fashion Blog

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