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Sportmax Fashion Show FW 2020 Milan

Sportmax © Copyright 2020

This season, ensembles bear messages that transcend mere aesthetics. The Sportmax Fall-Winter 2020/21 women’s collection confronts both the imminence of a hyper-technological future and the pursuit of a connection with a deeper sense of self. A balanced dichotomy between two scenarios, the latest Sportmax collection also permeates a positive outlook that is open to dialogue, encounters and reciprocal discovery.

Fall-Winter is an embrace of style between a structured mood and a futuristic one, in terms of accents. The sweetness of female silhouettes is imbued with an authentic seductiveness, void of stereotypes.

On the runway, outerwear, the eternal symbol of the brand, takes center stage. Capes, coats, jackets and raincoats are fashioned with unconventional rows of buttons and are updated with exaggerated shoulders, detachable collars and decor embellishments.

Jackets are often defined by compact volumes that compliment short skirts or high-waisted, slightly-flared trousers. The same slacks and skirts are effortlessly married with the billowing elegance of delicate blouses lavished with demi ruffles or anterior plissé.

Layered vests and bodices are dominated by faux leather in solid colours or silver matched with fluid silk and knit dresses. Leather is also worked into pleated inserts or combined with knits, infused into tops, jumpsuits, skirts and pants.

A recurring element is the coordinated outfit, complete with coats and skirts, united by the same materials. Sartorial techniques derived from the tuxedo have been extended to a dress-coat combo version with satin lapels. Denim, incorporated with touches of duchesse, are also a homage to the classic tuxedo.

Dresses are a play on traditional tailoring, revealing underlying fabrics and asymmetrical silhouettes that facilitate three-dimensional effect. A delicate softness accentuates a sinuous figure.

The colour palette is a blend of neutral tones such as camel and khaki, juxtaposed by deeper colours such as navy blue, grey mélange — punctuated by white, pinks and light blues. Predominantly floral prints, as well as délabré upholstery-style patterns and jacquard motifs infuse a sense of levity into an overall futuristic theme.

Boots expand beyond the knee, fashioned with a sculpture heel. Sandals are crafted with ankle straps, while sneakers are reminiscent of astronaut footwear. The Space-Age concept is further emphasised by ultra-scenographic eyewear.

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Sportmax © Copyright 2020

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