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Chanel Fashion Show FW 2020 Paris

Chanel © Copyright 2020

“A very simple, very pure momentum. Romanticism but without any flourishes. Emotions but without any frills,” explains Virginie Viard. “Movement, air… For the runway show, no frame. I don’t like framing.” Freedom, energy, desire for the absolute. Gabrielle Chanel – always – whose racehorse was called ‘Romantica’, the film Les Biches by Chabrol for his Parisiennes who are as feminine as they are amazones, and a photo of Karl Lagerfeld wearing a striped suit with riding boots.

For this CHANEL Fall-Winter 2020/21 Ready-to-Wear collection, “almost no dresses, just casaques (jockey silks). Jodhpurs that open over seven-league boots, a nod to those belonging to Karl. For the first time there are press studs on the suits for a more lively gesture,” continues Virginie Viard. Lots of black and white. Just a few touches of pale green and the emblematic pink of the House. A softness. An outline, punctured with imposing jewellery.

“I love CHANEL so much, this collection could only be a new ode.”

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Chanel © Copyright 2020

Wed, March 11 2020 » Fashion Blog

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