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Backstage Alberta Ferretti Fashion Show 2017 Milan
Woman Model Fall Winter 2017-18 Backstage Alberta Ferretti
Women Models Fall Winter 2017 Backstage Alberta Ferretti
Backstage Alberta Ferretti Women 2017
Backstage Alberta Ferretti Women Models 2017-18
Backstage Alberta Ferretti Women Fall Winter 2017
Women 2017 Fashion Backstage Alberta Ferretti

Fri, April 14 2017 » Fashion Blog


Alberta Ferretti Fashion Show FW 2017 Milan
Alberta Ferretti Fashion Show FW 2017


The necessity of dreams and the inevitability of reality. The attraction of beauty and the awareness of workmanship. The Alberta Ferretti fall/winter 2017-18 collection tells a story through images of the history, culture and beauty of Italy. Images of Venice and portraits of women by Giovanni Boldini become part of this story about artisan craftsmanship and creativity. Romantic sentiment establishes a dialog with courageous innovation in this collection that expresses a romantic dream that has come true and is full of pride.

“I started out reflecting on what is happening in the world and I realized that we often forget how beautiful our country is and that we should be prouder to be Italians. I wanted to promote the beauty of Italy through images of Venice with its extraordinary opulence and mysterious moods, creating an image of a woman with a romantic appearance and innovative personality like the women portrayed by Boldini. This led to a story about a dream come true that is only affected by the extraordinary power of beauty,” says Alberta Ferretti.

This concentration of wonders that is Italy has inspired prints of the narrow streets and canals of the extraordinary open-air museum that is Venice, while the Lion of St. Mark’s, its symbol and standard, has been transformed into gold embellishments. Landscapes and symbols, prints and decorations are often combined on chiffon dresses printed with a paint-like effect and on capes embroidered in gold or printed with a lagoon landscape and lined with blue and white striped breitschwanz.

They appear on pea coats with golden embroidery, on printed velvet pajamas worn under hand-painted sweaters, on print chiffon dresses with intarsia lace, on a velvet robe with luxurious embroidery, and on dresses trimmed or entirely made of feathers and accompanied by earrings and pendants portraying the Moretto [Little Moor], another symbol of a city nurtured by its mystery.

In an atmosphere suspended between dream and reality, a romantic feminine silhouette appears, emphasizing the mystery of the story and making it real through fashion that expresses personality and recognizability. “Making one’s uniqueness recognizable is more important today than in the past. This collection is my declaration of love for Italy and its culture, for my work and for fashion. I am increasingly convinced that women can and must express their personality through the fashion they choose,” concludes Alberta Ferretti.


FW 2017 18 Alberta Ferretti Woman Model
Woman Model Fashion Show Alberta Ferretti
Woman FW 2017 18 Fashion Show Alberta Ferretti
Fall 2017 18 Womenswear Alberta Ferretti
Winter 2017 Fashion Trends Alberta Ferretti

Thu, April 13 2017 » Fashion Blog

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