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Aquilano Rimondi 2012

In a panel there are the pictures of holy womanly, amplify with details in the Tiepolo, Mantegna and Artemisia’s canvases. And again jewels of royal families, dresses made by Italian couture in the seventies, enlarges of master Tirelli’s Theatrical costumes Everything compose the dream, that is what should be the sense of beauty for the collection AQUILANO RIMONDI F/W 2012; a unique theme, but a group of little pieces that day by day to be added at the mosaic. The summary of what we love. On the second and third panel are fasten with pins, in accordion with accurately composition scheme of colors, the transposition of the pictures on the fabrics. Born the research. Iridescent velvet in the tones of ruby, emerald, sapphire, citrine, topaz, turquoise, black onyx; the same tones are pressure on the wool crêpes, velours of mohair, faille, ottoman and on the “scubas” ( duchesse of silk twisted and very thin ). Disappeared the patch, but there is the desire of same effect; are the Jacquards, decoupé, made on micro structure of silk. Very small draw translate in material the artistic element of holy. Put side by side there are the macro tridimensional fil coupé; draws of tapestries show on the wall in royal building. Follow the fifth, sixth and seventh tableau: is fasten with pins in a sequence of class of products, what correspond at the designer’s interpretation. Personal sketches for the silhouette research. Coat with resized shoulder and with the volume flared at boule. On the sleeves at glove, there are small pleats, almost unseen. The same pleats are recognizable on the dresses that have the point of waist emphasize by bustier, that are take like inspiration from the portrait of woman who were called “madonne”. Fastenings entwine, mix of textiles matched at the light semi dull of the black leather. In the draws the length is over the knee. At the fourth line, little pants pyijamas closed the circle, overall when are tightly matched with the jackets that are thought like “smoking jacket”. Contradictions of exposition that transpose all in the contemporaneity. The way of six months of research. The keystone of collection. The translation of own language; The made in Italy know in all world.

Aquilano Rimondi fw 2013 Women's Collection

Catwalk Aquilano Rimondi Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Women's Collection Fashion Show Catwalk-Milano Fashion Week

Aquilano Rimondi Fall-Winter 2012 Women's collection

Fri, March 2 2012 » Fashion Blog

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