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Fall Fashion Woman Ashley Williams Collection 2015
Fall Fashion Woman Ashley Williams Collection


“Girls. All I really want is Girls. And in the morning there is Girls. Cos in the evening it’s Girls.” Beastie Boys, Girls (1985). “It’s about the girls,” says Ashley Williams. “It’s always about the girls.” The ones you want to hang out with.

The hard one at the back of the bus. The pretty one at the make-up stall. The one you to want to have your back. The one who slapped her guy. Girls in bands? Why not. The high-heeled X-terminator. The gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking bad girl that’s always in detention. B52s to Sky Ferreira. Kathleen Hanna to Shampoo. Chloe Sevigny to Jennifer Lawrence.

The Human League chicks to Lana Del Rey. Viva la megababe. Ashley’s girl. She’s such a hot sensation. Clad in PVC, pink shearling, sheer skirts and Swarovski crystals. Her world is street-smart, sexy, shot through with an arch dose of humour and fully realised in brilliantly bratty slogan prints.

She came to rule the world. She did it. With applications for one-way tickets to Mars now open, this is the intergalactic girl to beam you up and escape planet earth with. As her print spells out. “Improve your image. Be seen with me.” Who wouldn’t want to be? “Boys. They’re a dime a dozen.’ Sky Ferreira, Boys (2014).


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